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0.9097 seems like they should be going bleep blop bloop :-) All in all, a really great video with probably my favorite graphics so far!
0.8934 I've played this quite a few times since buying it in Essen and it's great, everyone I've played with has liked it.
0.8842 Labirinth is also a great game, haven't played in a couple of years but it does work great with younger kids as well.
0.8686 I think Can't Stop Me Now from Queen won, though it might have been Radar Love from Golden Earing.
0.8658 I was thinking the Unseen University, before noticing we were talking D&D :-) So in that case, I agree with Conjuration, though I love Illusion for fun and Evocation for battle.
0.8519 The songs they ran while choosing the best driving song of all time were also awesome .
0.8225 This was told by Jay Leno on Seinfeld's Comedians in Cars getting Coffee, his delivery was just awesome :-)
0.8126 American Truck Simulator looks beyond gorgeous and I'm just enjoying some of the games which have come out in recent years.
0.8111 I bought it in Essen and have played quite a few times so far, I like it quite a bit, it's also very good at 2.
0.807 Awesome, thanks for the info!
0.8044 I love the RF2 driving model but as someone who doesn't have time to join an on-line league , I really wish it offered something more for us offline players.

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-0.6705 Here in Europe I know of at least a couple of countries where it's the law - even flip flops are illegal, a sandal has to come around the back of the ankle for it to be legal.
-0.5423 Fuck scanners.
-0.5423 But fuck printers more.
-0.4599 I don't think it will come close to Castles of Burgundy and it does look like it's not that good with only two, which is a bit of a shame.
-0.4576 It's cheap compared to everything else and the stock cooler is quite loud - I have my PC on my desk right next to the monitor and it was quite annoying .
-0.4019 Given that you're probably going to swap it out in the near future, I'd give OC'ing it a try, you don't have much to lose.
-0.4019 During a crash, shoes are supposed to keep your feet sfer than driving barefoot.
-0.4019 I gues the same applies after a crash when there's glass everywhere?
-0.4019 That said, I'd go with Imperial Assault, I think the individual missions aren't too long and the game flows well.
-0.3875 From my experience, Linux won't care if you OC your CPU.
-0.3711 This was the opposite for me - I saw so many positive reviews but it just looked so boring.
-0.3506 Looks cool, but what's with the crazy camber at the rear wheels?