/u/kn0thing is very positive!

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0.8996 As Snoo's creator, it makes me so happy to see fan-art, especially really good fan-art like this.
0.8384 Sounds like you're working on something that can have a really great and important impact.
0.836 Yes the female founders conference is well known and a great event.
0.8126 Thanks. Please enjoy some Waffle House for me.
0.8074 One of Reddit's great strength is pseudonymity.
0.7964 It's a great benefit, right?
0.785 You all have some great hustle; that kind of relentless resourcefulness is exactly what Y Combinator looks for and [I hope you'll apply.]
0.7783 Learn from what's working there in order to build something successful, you're going to have to at least be a material improvement.
0.765 Google will be a great jumping off point and there are communities like r/cscareerquestions you should absolutely subscribe to + participate in.
0.7645 It's a really expensive way to spend 3 of the best years of your life, when you have the least responsibility and the most energy.
0.7269 Congrats - you definitely made the right choice in studying CS.

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-0.6114 Or 40! Why did you hate CS?
-0.4767 I knew there was something wrong with those cards...
-0.4497 We want to keep evolving Reddit on tablet, but unfortunately right now it's less of a priority than the wider market of phones.
-0.3612 I'm embarrassed to say how much time I spent designing those business cards...
-0.2584 Have I not shared this story with the community?
-0.1531 What's stopping you?
-0.1531 You're definitely going to catch some early friction because Juicero has been such a spectacular failure, so be preapred for that.
-0.1531 I miss that place.
-0.1513 So serious.
-0.0258 After all, I created Snoo while I was bored in class.
-0.0258 Also - I named Snoo in honor of the failed domain.
0.0 Do you think you'd ever say ["Zeitgeist"] to describe it?