/u/kn0thing is very positive!

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0.872 And college, but UVA is a pretty well funded State School for sure.
0.8658 Yes, but this was a pretty special announcement.
0.8402 I enjoy watching them fall over and hope to one day film something worthy of this sub.
0.765 It turns out our native ads are *highly* engaging because they're all conversations, which redditors love to read and comment and vote on.
0.743 Glad you enjoyed it.
0.6948 That makes me so happy.
0.6908 I'm actually feeling nearly at my best physically.
0.68 Thank you for sharing it here!
0.6588 Have a great weekend!
0.6557 Or they're just so unobtrusive and great you never realized it?
0.6486 Glad you're a member of the community and I'm sure there are countless redditors you've helped who feel the same way.

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-0.6249 Our prisons are already overcrowded. Only got bullied for my name once.
-0.3818 Get a pair of TUMS for your upset tummy, give a pair of TUMS to someone else's tummy.
-0.3818 I think this will pass once the screaming child shows up.
-0.3566 We really had no idea it could become this big.
-0.34 Not at the moment, unfortunately.
-0.25 Disappointed it didn't hold up as well as the Apple sticker...
-0.2057 It didn't go well for the kid.
-0.1779 I take my dad-life seriously.
-0.0361 In the same way that we can't convince people to stop being Cowboys fans the first or even the second time we meet with them--each visit makes progress.
0.0 r/Ameristralia/ has taught me a lot.
0.0 You're right.
0.0 You didn't have the Snoo caketoppers...