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0.9393 It actually was pretty warm most of the time and I gained 10 glorious pounds from all that delicious bread & khorovats.
0.8943 My cat, Karma, is not the smartest cat, but she has a big heart and a belly that loves getting rubbed, yes, just like a dog.
0.8713 Thank *you* for all the upvotes and making this great big experiment work -- you and hundreds of millions of people just like you every month all over the world.
0.836 Another wonderful Reddit love story.
0.8172 Best of luck!
0.8074 We're really working to consistently balance between allowing people to express themselves freely to the point where it makes other people feel like they can't express themselves freely.
0.8061 That's a good point -- fortunately we've got flexibility to tweak this thanks to Karma already being a vague indicator .
0.8016 I'm so glad you found your soulmate.
0.7964 I wish wish wish I'd had those communities when I was doing my history major at UVA.
0.7644 Smile successful!
0.7345 Thanks + welcome to Reddit!

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-0.5719 You might hate me for turning you on to this, but....
-0.5574 Is this an official statement from Riot Games?
-0.5423 TVs on the walls that every time you walk in the room swap in new content that 50% of the time will horrify you?
-0.5106 Who's to say "Dick Nipples" isn't his/her government name?
-0.4098 How is there no startup for on-demand crop circles???
-0.3612 Maybe we will just for an hour to mess with people....
-0.34 I think they paid off even though I've never taken a graphic design or computer illustration class--just messed around and clicked on everything to experiment.
-0.2975 It's kinda ridiculous.
-0.296 Needless to say, you all have exceeded our expectations. Also, I have no idea how that Snoo got there....
-0.296 I overslept, missed the breakfast buffet at the hotel, and went outside to the patio for some coffee.
-0.296 No money was exchanged.
-0.296 I suspect this will evolve.