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0.8996 As Snoo's creator, it makes me so happy to see fan-art, especially really good fan-art like this.
0.8313 A few google searches and time on relevant reddit communities will teach you a lot about that optimization. Good luck!
0.8074 One of Reddit's great strength is pseudonymity.
0.802 Just meet their head of digital and he's interested - I put him in touch with our head of entertainment at Reddit and hopefully they'll get cruising.
0.7722 I'd have pushed myself in highschool to do more programming and get my best friends more serious about it, too.
0.7712 Definitely been caught in that wormhole myself. Happy cake day!
0.765 Google will be a great jumping off point and there are communities like r/cscareerquestions you should absolutely subscribe to + participate in.
0.765 I'm happy to introduce Gavin to Joe's producers + Tim's team. **Gavin, if you're up for it** - mind PMing me your email? edit: thanks, everyone.
0.7506 I wasted a lot of time optimizing for that instead of having fun or doing fun projects .
0.7269 Congrats - you definitely made the right choice in studying CS.
0.7003 That was a lot of fun and our hosts at Red Bull sounded keen on doing more with the community here.

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-0.4019 I probably spent two days designing these damn business cards.
-0.3559 I was not a very smart boy. So, um, Billy Ripken.
-0.296 I'd also have worried a lot less about my GPA in college.
-0.2584 Have I not shared this story with the community?
-0.204 I see some Tim hate in this thread--he's in fact a quite thoughtful guy.
-0.1531 What's stopping you?
-0.1513 So serious.
-0.0811 My editor/agent were really hyped for me to write one immediately after the success of WTP, but I didn't feel like I had another book in me yet.
-0.0258 After all, I created Snoo while I was bored in class.
0.0 He is not who you think he is.
0.0 [I know nothing....]
0.0 [We do have some video from back then.]