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0.9422 love how sexy your pale body is ;) would love seeing you drenched in my warm, creamy cum all over your pale skin!
0.9402 mmm...sooo fuckin hot n' sexy seeing you natural redheads with your sexy pale skin do what you love to do...take hard cock down your throat and wait for the load to squirt all over your lovely tits!
0.9337 U r the perfect office slut ;) love your sexy milky white skin, wanna cum all over you and make your body glisten like a fresh paint job ;)
0.9211 with how horny I am at the moment I probably would not last very long lol ;) but the load I would blow all over your lovely pale body will be HUGE!
0.9167 Very sexy bj pic u two ;) hope to see her finish the great job she's doing!
0.9151 i'm ready to blast that lovely, sexy pale body of yours with my warm creamy cum ;) drench your soft pink nipples, and you tight little tummy too!
0.911 Such lovely pale skin, makes your asshole and pussy really stand out a vibrant pink ;) makes my cock super hard!
0.9061 Look so sexy with your pale skin shining bright like a fresh paint job ;)
0.9041 oooh yeeeah..nothin hotter than drenching a lovely set of pale tits in nice warm, creamy cum ;) soo fuckin sexy!
0.8977 nothin' hotter n' sexier than a lovely set up pale ginger tits drenched in warm creamy cum ;) soo fuckin sexy covering you all natural ginger babes in thick loads!
0.8977 nothin' sexier than an all natural redhead babes lovely pale skin ;) soo fuckin sexy!

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.7088 Pleease tell me to use my tongue to fuck n suck your tight asshole, and wet pussy while you're face down ass up ;) soo sexy!
-0.6458 Ohh hell yeah!!!
-0.6351 holy shit!!
-0.5983 Holy shit girl!
-0.5848 mmm...holy fuck!
-0.5759 Please let me tongue fuck both your tight little pink holes?!?!!!
-0.508 Ohhh damn!!
-0.508 damn girl!!
-0.4574 damn thats hot!
-0.4559 Mmm drunk sloppy bj is where its at!!
-0.4389 Wow...that is such a lovely pale ass with some tight pink holes I could suck on for hours!
-0.4374 Ohh fuck yeah!!