/u/kl1no is a total dick!

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0.9001 Once your prefixes are perfect you craft "prefixes cannot be changed" and divine until suffixes are perfect.
0.8018 The base damage you get from the +1 is really nice but i think overall you might get better clear speed with a dagger if you get your whirling blades to a decent speed.
0.775 Yes I know, rapid decay has a larger damage multiplier but I think it's pretty obvious that it's better to leave slower projectiles in.
0.7269 It's pretty good for uber trash.
0.7269 Basically you need to pick up all the aura reservation nodes on the tree and put Discipline + Grace + Blood Magic + lvl 4 Enlighten in a +1 to level of gems item .
0.7269 it's also pretty easy to get a drillneck with +1 arrow.
0.6766 Pierce is definitely nice to have, I currently play with only 50% but with 100% pierce "allies cannot die" totems are less annoying.
0.6705 In this case the best course of action would be to spam the zone with the easiest layout, without trading it will probably take a while.
0.6697 Yes, for shaper on hc i absolutely agree.
0.6682 If that's what you're doing then a delirium dagger is absolutely the best option.
0.6597 I like this a lot better, you simply get much more for your points.

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-0.959 Those are Spell, Attack, Secondary and Damage Over Time. Spell damage does not mean "damage dealt by a spell", it means damage which uses the "spell damage" pipeline.
-0.9494 Spell damage also double dips on decay and poison when used with essence drain. edit: since decay doesn't scale with the hit it doesn't double dip like poison does.
-0.9325 Decay doesn't double dip but the spell damage double dips because it increases the damage of your ED dot and your decay dot.
-0.9246 Spell damage scales poison damage if the poison is applied with ED.
-0.9217 This gets further increased by the more multipliers from Rapid Decay , Pierce , Void Manipulation , Controlled Destruction , Pain Attunement and Frenzy Charges .
-0.9157 Increased fire damage taken doesn't care about the source of the damage because both the hit and the DoT are fire damage and will therefor be increased by the mod.
-0.9153 Spell damage does not mean "damage dealt by a spell", it means damage which uses the "spell damage" pipeline.
-0.9118 Contagion and Essence Drain have a stat that makes "spell damage" modifiers behave as "spell damage or damage over time" modifiers.
-0.891 Consuming Dark says "Your Chaos Damage Poisons Enemies".
-0.8873 Spell damage is exactly the same as projectile damage or chaos damage for ED with or without poison.
-0.886 Unless I go dual curse with temp chains, but then I would need a +1 curse Voll's Devotion which is expensive as hell.
-0.8807 If you have say 75% fire resistance and get hit by 1000 fire damage you take 250 damage.