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0.9217 This actually fits perfectly, wow, this is one of the best mashups I've ever heard, put this up on YouTube
0.9132 Yeah, probably the most intense film I've ever seen, if you know any more like it or have any other favorites I might like, recommend them to me cos we seem to have similar taste
0.899 Yeah, it is kinda shallow, if it ever did become a real thing it could be built upon a lot but for what it is, it's an interesting concept, i'd love to make it into a real musical one day
0.8591 Second, Hand To Hold sounds a lot like Private Message wow
0.8481 Memories is a great track and Hurley is a great album.
0.8481 Yeah there is, it's great to see, I hope more gets made
0.8126 Love Explosion, possibilities, pretty much the entire second half of Maladroit
0.8074 Thanks and yeah I get what you're saying, you have to be n a pretty specific mood to properly listen to the song
0.7783 Ayy, that's great to hear, that album's gotten me through some rough days, hopefully it can do the same for you
0.764 Also I think college is more important for the experience and education rather than degree, the people you meet and knowledge you gain could be a lot more important than a degree. 6.
0.7618 I'm not in the wrong here man, you are. The reason you probably feel that was about everyone here is because others probably agree that you've been acting like an asshole

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-0.7964 nasty ass laziness. Or boners
-0.7964 of course it's a crime, it has illegal in the title
-0.6808 This just sounds like you're being edgy man, I mean, how is saying illegal immigration is a crime an unpopular opinion?
-0.6124 And I don't think that's the reason Trump is seen as racist or sexist 4.
-0.5994 I meant the guy who made the Blink 182 post
-0.4767 If you're concerned seeming weird argument matter
-0.4767 That background is too sad
-0.4215 Inb4 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^a ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^certain someone angrily comments it's just stuff that fans send him
-0.4215 I'll come back and watch this in a few months, Death Grips and Lynch always go well together
-0.3988 It's been like this for a few months, but even before that, it still was never very good
-0.3875 Also I don't care, this is going on the list
-0.3412 It's not funny anymore