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0.9153 Aaah that sucks, hopefully that's good for more independent stores though, they'll usually play pretty great music.
0.9118 Who put on your heart?" Also I adore this song, this, Love Explosion, Possibilities and Living Without You are the reason why Maladroit is my favorite Weezer album sometimes.
0.8945 /r/madlads, nah but that's pretty great
0.8885 Yes you should, it's a good song and if it doesn't work out, hey, it'll be a funny story to tell plus it's sweet anyway.
0.8832 Yeah they're fantastic, I'm really interested in what their collab album with King Gizzard will sound like. Do you prefer Timeline or Skiptracing?
0.8511 Wow I really do love that artwork.
0.8402 Yeah, Im a pretty huge Weezer fan and I know most of the people I this sub are too.and seem to have simolar ideas and tastes to each other.
0.836 Love Explosion really should have been a single, the chorus is such a perfect pop rock melody
0.8126 Pretty similar to what I consider to be the best version of the album https://m.soundcloud.com/user-561341218/weezer-songs-from-the-black-hole
0.8074 Ok, the Jack Johnson one was pretty good
0.7845 Thank you, just like all dogs, he was a good boy

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-0.6674 Really disappointed that I didn't see her live last month because she was so close; no one I know likes her though unfortunately
-0.6486 You can do no wrong in my eyes Mcleafer
-0.6486 Yeah, anyone who makes those posts must be a sad loser.
-0.6486 Millions of Dead Posers quality
-0.5574 Ahhh shit man.
-0.5423 Maladroit kicks ass
-0.529 I chose the worst time because she was super drunk and it did not end well.
-0.4767 /s ruined it tbh
-0.4019 Damn y'all quick
-0.3412 The title of the video does not look good
-0.296 Yes, death to false metal, most of make believe, and the second d half of raditude.
-0.296 He's also officially changed his name to Chaz Bear which is weirdly appropriate