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0.9413 Everyone loves a good shitpost right hahaha guys it's just weezer releasing a Kiss song pffft yeah Rivers wishes right?
0.926 well, Kiss are legends, I'm pretty sure that even Rivers prefers them to FLS considering he's a massive Kiss fan
0.9246 Love this song; despite the solo, this always felt like it could have fit perfectly on Maladroit, right before Slob actually, especially with that fade out.
0.8934 Up until like last year it was criminally underrated, I think way more people have started to give it a chance in this sub and I'm glad they have because it's one of their best
0.8555 I honestly don't think the rentals sound anything like weezer but they're still great
0.8442 Haha hope you enjoy
0.8357 That was actually pretty nice, Rivers' timid delivery actually fit really well with the song
0.8173 Hope you enjoy, I think it fits really well
0.796 It'd be great if he did cos that's gonna be a really special night and that would just be the icing on the cake
0.7916 Way better than Kimmel, thank god he's not doing that weird lispy goblin voice
0.7906 Go check out the album, it's pretty amazing, so is their second album The Proximity Effect

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-0.9287 I'd say try listening to Niggas On The Moon and The Money Store the next time you're online late at night looking at some fucked up shit shot or whenever you're angry or horny.
-0.5423 The fuck does this have to do with Weezer?
-0.4767 This thread hurts to read
-0.464 For those who don't get it: "That's not so good Al"
-0.4019 Anyway, yeah, I could talk about Death Grips for days cos in the past few months they've grown to become one of my favourite bands.
-0.3926 I quickly added the isolated vocals to make them more clear today but had done the majority of this when the album leaked a few weeks ago but thought I'd wait to upload.
-0.2762 My Dad doesn't even like me so I doubt he'd like Mac lmao
-0.2057 this cannot end well
-0.1779 Now i'm in the exact same dilemma
-0.1513 God damb you were right about it fitting with Hotline Miami, especially Niggas On The Moon, even the in game music sounds similar
-0.1027 Also that's a pretty shitty opening, reminds me of something from 2012 with the "epic" music.
-0.0772 Should be public now, sorry