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0.9721 The College Dropout, everything about it is just so beautiful and amazingly placed and funny and inspiring and positive and it's just an all around amazing album that I discovered at the perfect time
0.902 And that's why the cover to Raditude looks like it does. Really great story though, love to see this kind of stuff on the sub
0.886 Yeah, doesn't get enough recognition, I love it, sounds like what I'd expect a modern day Maladroit single to sound like, especially the backup hoo hoo's later in the song
0.8842 You're right, you must be rich in laughter LOL
0.8807 Took him on a walk that fit the length of the album, walking through a field full of bushes and beautiful trees as Wolf Who Wears Sheep's Clothing comes on and it was amazing.
0.8793 This and Space Rock are what made me keep coming back to the album, now they've been overshadowed by songs like Love Explosion and Living Without You for me but I still love them
0.8718 Nah, it was revolutionary, really well made and had an amazing soundtrack, Minecraft is a masterpiece
0.8712 Yeah, I can hear it a lot, I'm really glad he went in this direction, so many great influences
0.8689 Ah man, I've had some great times with that album these past few months, One of my all time favorites, creates a feeling like no other.
0.8591 Glad you like them, their first album High/Low has a lot more songs like that, especially Tree House which is such a 90's Summer song and always makes me smile
0.8555 Yeah, like I said, idk how they'd do it but it'd be pretty cool

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-0.7189 I didn't even like the song at first but now it's probably my favourite from the album. Sorry if that sounds offensive
-0.6841 da ba dee da ba DIE
-0.5574 wait, so you're not going to listen to his music just because a lot of the fans are shit?
-0.5574 Just when I thought I was on top of my copypasta game; bamboozled again :(
-0.5423 Yeah, did Chaz try and kill himself?
-0.5423 hahahaha, i got a bit too into writing that and forgot to spell check it, fuck it, let it stay.
-0.4767 Should be working, Soundcloud hasn't said there's anything wrong with it
-0.4767 time to get dangerous
-0.296 dominating the list as usual
-0.296 Yeah, I get what you're saying, especially with the lyrics too, in Crab being "She wont be coming back round here no way" and Take Control being "She wont be coming back round here no more"
-0.2411 I'm not too sure either