/u/kill_qwheider is a total dick!

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0.7579 You're like the smartest guy in the world.
0.7184 Local chieftains were all too happy to increase human trafficking activities given the firearms and material goods the Belgians provided.
0.6705 As someone who deeply disagrees with the message in this picture, I can say confidently I'm very happy to see it anyway.
0.6361 Colonial powers were very effective at placing themselves on the top of already existing power structures.
0.6214 Don't ruin your life to convince a hypothetical person.
0.4926 that's an attractive attitude!
0.4588 My passion is BJJ.
0.4449 LPT: Train BJJ and never give a shit about a gym bro again.
0.3612 You sound like you just have an accent.
0.3612 Sounds like you've conquered the ego.
0.2942 I'm surprised women aren't stumbling over each other to be in a relationship with you!

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-0.8442 They basically "juiced" the already brutal local economy to an industrial level of brutality.
-0.8402 Because the Congo already had a long institution of slavery, cannibalism, and brutality, and the Belgians placed themselves on the top of the power pyramid and turned it into an industrial machine.
-0.8316 Children of abuse are more likely to be abusers.
-0.822 As a pro 2a guy who knows quite a few conservative gun enthusiasts, I can tell you that most of them would rather every kind of person in America have a gun than have their gun rights threatened.
-0.7783 Economic motivation + brutal institutional norms = extremely brutal culture.
-0.7717 If you're waiting for a relationship to cure your depression, you are in for a rude awakening.
-0.7269 Ah, the mythical 3rd guy, for whom all stupid internet arguments are waged.
-0.6908 Being treated like shit makes you more likely to be a shitty person.
-0.6908 And the rape, cannibalism, etc.
-0.6597 The Belgians arrive, pay slightly more for slaves, set up rubber plantations and quotas, and massive brutality ensued.
-0.5267 The supply of slaves in this region of Africa at this time was so vast and cheap that paying wages would have been outright stupid from an economic standpoint.
-0.4877 Nothing more orderly than emptiness