/u/khftw is very positive!

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0.9313 Alright, well thanks anyways. Msg me if you ever find out which egg has my SV Good luck with the rest of your giveaway :)
0.8986 Female * Requesting: Oricorio * GTS Message: I want to trade for one of your precious Pokemon you've given a nickname to. Thanks :D
0.8636 Shiny: Yes Pokemon: Mamoswine Gender: Male EVs: 252 Atk/ 252 Speed IVs: All 31 Pokeball: Beast Ball Thanks :D
0.8494 IGN: Yandere-kun Deposited: Finneon, Female, Lv 1, Nest Ball Message: Please trade with me Thanks :D
0.8406 Yeah it was, thank so much :D
0.836 Yep, thats fine thanks :)
0.8271 Praise the great pink RNGlord orz
0.8176 I definitely will, have a nice day :)
0.8062 Oh my god that was close, thanks so much :)
0.8038 * IGN: Yandere-kun * Deposited: Goldeen, Lvl 23, Male * Requesting: Flygon * GTS Message: I want to fill my pokedex Thanks :D
0.8038 * IGN: Yandere-kun * Deposited: Finneon, Lv 1, Female * Requesting: Mismagius * GTS Message: I want to fill my pokedex Thanks :D

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.6124 How did you manage to get illegal moves through the GTS :o
-0.5574 I don't think you can trade illegal pokemon
-0.5267 Is this a extremely convoluted plot to get everyone on this sub banned :o
-0.5267 Redeposited and made a new comment, sorry i deposited the wrong Misdreavus
-0.5106 Protean is illegal without pokebank and thus nintendo's trade system prevents it from being traded
-0.4767 Hey, I think you gave me the wrong egg. It hatched non-shiny, was adamant nature and had hp ice I'll hop on plaza to trade the egg back
-0.4215 * IGN: Yandere-kun * Deposited: Finneon, Lv 1, Female * Requesting: Muk * GTS Message: ~~i want technically legal illegal moves~~ Stronk in bazzles
-0.34 Unfortunately, this one also hached non-shiny, it had hp ice and was adamant natured aswell.
-0.34 Dat shameless plugging tho
-0.2023 I'm high as fk today o.o
-0.1511 Woops Muk sorry!
-0.1027 Was that Ash-greninja :o