/u/kathycd is very positive!

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0.926 They have pretty great competetive prices, and even free shipping options , which just makes the prices even better.
0.9105 Wow, so fucking stunning and gorgeous!
0.8807 Super sexy picture <3
0.8795 You seriously have the most perfect and beautiful cock in the world :3
0.8707 So cute shoes <3 And you are sexy as always.
0.8707 So cute and sexy <3
0.8615 You really are an inspiration, you always look so fantastic!
0.86 So fucking gorgeous and sexy, yum!
0.8565 So fucking sexy and beautiful!
0.8442 I will still post everything on Reddit as well though, but appreciate any followers to get started :)
0.8436 Wow, you are unbelievably perfect!

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.6597 666/666 would sell soul to devil for a taste
-0.4767 Maybe I'm wrong.
-0.4767 It'd be such a shame if the panties got snagged on the shorts somehow while you took them off.
-0.4753 Would waste my ult just to go and devour you!
-0.4215 That's just unfair that you get to do that any time you want.
-0.3491 I have a few different pairs of those types, but I'm not sure if I could make what you're after or not.
-0.3217 From briefly checking out the video and instructions, it doesn't really seem like this teaches any kind of programming, beyond just having the concepts of loops and parallell usage?
-0.3123 You'll have more trouble finding a site that doesn't ship discretely honestly, it's pretty much the standard for any half-serious shop.
-0.296 Can you also arrange for these pesky Xs to be removed?
-0.1986 So jealous of the lucky guy!
-0.0516 I'll leave that up to someone else
-0.0516 Time to let me suck your cock :3