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0.9006 Casey is AWESOME though! Thanks for the suggestion :)
0.8748 Woah that's super useful, thanks!
0.8718 Hey, thanks heaps for your feedback - super helpful!
0.8505 Interesting and very true - thanks for the feedback!
0.8481 It is definitely helping me with business decisions and also giving me good vibes...so I guess it not unhealthy...YET
0.8074 Yeah that's a pretty good price
0.807 That's a great idea - thanks!
0.802 Would love to know how it goes :)
0.802 Yeah now that people are showing interest I will see what I can do :)
0.8016 Super glad it helped!
0.8016 Yeah they're good points...well if you find a site like it let me know...I actually want to use it!

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-0.4029 Damn, this isn't sounding good for uber ha!
-0.3182 Shocked that it's that expensive?
-0.296 I've heard quite a few people have that problem...and there's no way round that right?
-0.2481 I might seriously consider it!
-0.2401 Wouldn't be surprised!
-0.2263 Yeah I think something might be wrong with the shipping costs - will double check.
-0.1618 That's because they didn't care about the small guys starting out...gets way more competitive when you start working with the big brands
-0.1511 Just hustle as hard as you can, reach out to the right people in any way possible...just don't do nothing!
-0.1027 Nah, if we do it might be years later...
0.0 That's another question...as we loaned money to the company, the money I take out, can that count as repayments?
0.0 Yeah he has no chill, but it seems to work for him.
0.0 I've changed to google apps and seems to be working