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0.9718 You'll find it's much more enjoyable to play with people who share your interest in winning and will actually pick good heroes for the comp. If you have any other questions feel free to ask me.
0.9191 I hope you keep streaming when the beta comes back, we need more streamers playing Mercy and other support heroes!
0.9153 A wow subscription is amazing value, considering how many hours of entertainment you get for the money you spend.
0.9153 The GosuGamers weekly tournaments were fantastic, with great games and superb casting.
0.9078 You guys are a fantastic casting duo and have a way of making me feel very engaged in the action. Keep up the good work, I'm eagerly looking forward to Overwatch Weekly #3!
0.899 The subreddit looks so much more alive and professional like this, I love it!
0.8934 Awesome FishStix, this sounds like a great tournament.
0.8805 I wish you the best of luck Taimou, and look forward to seeing you own it up in future tournaments!
0.8625 Would be nice if ZP could help cast this, he's done a great job so far on Overwatch tournaments.
0.8625 Which are the most/least played heroes in competitive and casual play?
0.8316 Try to stay positive and focus on improving your own play.

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-0.7964 Some randoms will rage, some randoms will troll, some randoms will be bad.
-0.6808 I'm having some trouble deciding when to shoot with the blaster and when to damage boost.
-0.5423 You're focusing too much on your rank, and it's making you feel bad.
-0.5267 Will OWDraft be used until there are 3 maps left, and the loser can pick between the 2 remaining after first game?
-0.5267 Or will the loser be able to pick any map?
-0.4767 Loot change - you can now get a white box - this is 1 step worse than blue box.
-0.4215 I'm fascinated by the concept, but a bit scared that lucid dreaming will cause my sleep to not be as regenerative as regular sleep is.
-0.3818 Since you're asking, it's obviously bothering you.
-0.3269 I don't know if you have access to this, but I heard the Korean Hanzo ultimate on a Korean stream, and it sounded completely badass. Is there any way for you to get that?
-0.3252 Don't get your hopes up.
-0.296 I guess I should lower it?
-0.2732 If I have any other questions, would you mind if I drop you a PM?