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0.8519 I like how you 'generate' the code, it's a nice approach, didn't think about it but this is great.
0.8439 Still fantastic, i love it!
0.8428 Well, right now the scope of this little project got extended a lot, and maybe soon you'll hear more about it :) If you have any questions I'd be happy to grab a beer and talk or something.
0.8316 I just had the greatest laugh.
0.8271 Good job and thanks <3
0.8271 The code feels a bit javaesque, but works :) nice job
0.8115 If you want a more lightweight solution, go for fabric :) I use it to manage a 20 servers cluster to install and manage stuff like pyspark, virtualenvs etc..
0.8074 Do you know which is the best performance wise?
0.807 I have to test this, it's great, thanks!
0.802 Honestly, I tried flask, tornado and whatever, Django is the best in regards to "time to ship/deploy".
0.802 I am myself, convinced about this tech and want to try it out on my new project. I already am in love with vue.js and now i am thinking about crossbar.

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-0.6249 I had the worst experience with it.
-0.5719 I superliked Vim but sadly, it didn't match at all.
-0.5574 This affects us as a community, and our silence will be our damnation.
-0.5195 I don't like javascript that much but i'm even considering switching to Electron, since there is no ambiguity there, for a simple app, that I'm selling .
-0.4847 It's not super complicated.
-0.4782 I am trying to do the same thing for a while, using pyaudio and tensorflow, but I'm still not getting good results X_X
-0.3612 I wonder how they climbed it with such soul crushing massive balls
-0.357 Simply go ahead and don't talk :)
-0.296 I have no clue what's going on under the hood.
-0.25 indecisive sneks
-0.2263 It misses some theming options .
-0.1685 I am not sure if it's still active though :/