/u/k9time is very positive!

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0.936 I love seeing women in Calvin Klein undies and your beautiful body certainly makes them look amazing.
0.9169 Looking at a great smile on a beautiful body would make the workday worthwhile.
0.875 Beautiful, would love to suck on those amazing nipples.
0.8689 Well, you have an amazing body and I'm sure you look stunning in whatever you choose to wear.
0.8519 Love tan lines on a great body.
0.8519 Great boobs, would love to see more.
0.8479 Excellent choice, absolutely love sheer undies.
0.847 Very sexy, love your breasts.
0.8464 Very sexy, would love to see that outfit from behind.
0.8442 Love that long, beautiful hair.
0.8442 Beautiful, love your areolas.

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.4019 If any fights start on your flight, just whip those beauties out and they will forget what they were fighting about.
-0.34 Drop dead gorgeous.
-0.296 Sexy as hell
-0.2584 Your posts never disappoint; another great one.
-0.1027 It must be hard to concentrate on the material with you standing at the front of the class.
-0.0516 Love the ass sticking up and her tits pressing against the sheets.
0.0 Looking forward to more bikini shots.
0.0 Granny going braless...
0.0 Can we see the bottom?
0.0 Looking forward to more.
0.0 What I would give for a video of this.
0.0 Just imagine the tips.