/u/jromeit is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.9442 and you are so kind :) love your compliments!
0.9013 they would really appreciate some love ;) would you help them?
0.8979 as an Italian and a football lover i guess this is one of the best gift to receive ahah
0.8964 thank you so much :) glad that you like!
0.8718 thanks baby ;) if you like it, feel free to check out my older posts!
0.8555 and happy to help :)
0.8436 i am really glad that you like these pics :) check out older posts too!
0.8221 one of the best compliment ever!
0.8162 i love your outfit posts so i'd like to see your perfect ass upskirt in a tight dress/skirt and high heels!
0.8074 i'm sure it tastes great ;)
0.807 :) i can smile for you anytime you like!

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.3802 you are such a tease!
-0.2714 ahaha fuck yes!
-0.2023 what do you prefer: smile or dick?
0.0 i just trimmed it, actually!
0.0 [The Artist]
0.0 [Lexa from The 100 tv show]
0.0 [Source]
0.0 the ending is one of the hottest things i've seen lately!
0.0 Fettuccine Alfredo do not exist in Italy.
0.0 They are a US recipe.
0.0 her name is Hotcplhel
0.0 you need to try, then!