/u/jromeit is very positive!

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0.9442 and you are so kind :) love your compliments!
0.9441 far too kind and coming from a beautiful girl like you, this compliment it's even better!
0.9013 they would really appreciate some love ;) would you help them?
0.8979 as an Italian and a football lover i guess this is one of the best gift to receive ahah
0.8964 thank you so much :) glad that you like!
0.8718 thanks baby ;) if you like it, feel free to check out my older posts!
0.8555 and happy to help :)
0.8436 i am really glad that you like these pics :) check out older posts too!
0.8221 one of the best compliment ever!
0.807 :) i can smile for you anytime you like!
0.7964 anyway tonight Messi scored the winning goal during the last minute of the game in Madrid and celebrated it showing his shirt to RM fans as a provocation.

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-0.5255 "you are goddamn right!"
-0.3802 you are such a tease!
-0.357 i don't know, honestly
-0.2714 ahaha fuck yes!
-0.2023 what do you prefer: smile or dick?
0.0 It is kind of a legend narrated by Marco Terenzio Varrone, using Astrological calculations of Lucio Taruzio.
0.0 From that date derived the Roman chronology, using the latin expression "Ab Urbe Condita" .
0.0 The use of this date as official foundation date began under the Emperor Claudio.
0.0 Here is the [source]!!
0.0 Gif starts at 8:11!
0.0 Gif starts at 8:11!
0.0 [source]