/u/jromeit is very positive!

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0.8979 as an Italian and a football lover i guess this is one of the best gift to receive ahah
0.8555 and happy to help :)
0.8221 one of the best compliment ever!
0.8162 i love your outfit posts so i'd like to see your perfect ass upskirt in a tight dress/skirt and high heels!
0.8126 good to know, thank you :)
0.8074 i'm sure it tastes great ;)
0.807 :) i can smile for you anytime you like!
0.7964 anyway tonight Messi scored the winning goal during the last minute of the game in Madrid and celebrated it showing his shirt to RM fans as a provocation.
0.7712 i hope i can still leave a request :) i'd love to see your ass upskirt in a tight dress or skirt while you are wearing a pair of high heels!
0.7506 far too kind :)
0.7506 Far too kind :)

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-0.2714 ahaha fuck yes!
0.0 i won't then!
0.0 [More of her!]
0.0 [Bonus 1] [Bonus 2]
0.0 [Bonus 1] [Bonus 2]
0.0 [Arco di Costantino]
0.0 [More Here]
0.0 [More!]
0.0 [Bonus Pic]
0.0 [Blowjob] [Source]
0.0 [source]
0.0 she is Elena Riz