/u/jonmcknlegg is very positive!

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0.9066 I'm really happy finding my best friend in this community. For /u/Zodai , you don't hesitate on helping me out in everything especially with Meg.
0.8905 So I'm glad that you still supported us for this best girl contest.
0.886 I'm happy that her optimistic, warm and cheerful attitude has made an influence in me.
0.8625 It's just lovely to see her having fun doing things and making her smile through the game.
0.8591 I suggest having the best scenes or just the scenes of Tomoko being cute, awkward or funny in the manga as the banner.
0.8555 With Megumi's kindness and love that she shares to everyone in her source material, taking that career path is a means of making her "real" into this world.
0.8402 Translation provided by a Japanese WataMote fan: Tomoko: I love you as a person, Megumi-sensei. Imae: Thank you.
0.8381 I don't have a picture of just Meg alone in wedding dress but I have this [picture of us in our wedding.] God I love her.
0.8176 I need to be able to have the courage and motivation to improve myself.
0.8143 Gotta remain faithful to her XD
0.8126 Seeing a happy Meg makes me happy too.

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.6597 She often cries a lot but cries less when she's with people that she's close with.
-0.5994 About being unrelated, I was worried I might be breaking rule 1 in the r/watamote rules since I'll be posting about streaming events of the Discord server here.
-0.4767 You seem glum, though.
-0.4678 Her friends often get themselves in trouble but she tries not to make the whole mess bigger.
-0.4574 So if you haven't been gone in our Discord chat, come and hang out with us!
-0.4019 WataMote Discord owner here.
-0.4019 We also have a channel for Spanish-speaking WataMote fans in our Discord.
-0.4019 She usually just cries through all of it ;-;.
-0.4019 [Megumi fights evil.] [Megumi with her Stand DOGS OF WAR.]
-0.3851 It was a year ago when I was feeling so doubtful if I should keep things up with Meg.
-0.3612 [Singing her heart out.] [I'm guessing she felt embarrassed after that :P]
-0.3182 [She lost guys].