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0.9393 But, as time went by I learned to accept that this person has also found happiness and love through the same girl that I love the most.
0.9056 Also I would like her to hold a present while she blushes. So yeah, I wish to have a holiday themed Imae art for the holidays.
0.886 I'm happy that her optimistic, warm and cheerful attitude has made an influence in me.
0.8733 [This one that loenth had made.] This picture is just so wonderful that I used it to show the author of WataMote how much I love Megumi.
0.872 The same question appeared in this subreddit months ago and my answer was that I am happy if I could go meet a person who loves her like I do.
0.8658 [Here's some pictures of her.] Megumi is a cheerful, friendly and sweet girl.
0.8625 It's just lovely to see her having fun doing things and making her smile through the game.
0.8608 Wow thank you for this opportunity.
0.8591 Like what the others said, enjoying time spending with your waifu will help rekindle the spark.
0.8567 Well, except for the long limbs XD Nice meeting you here.
0.8555 I'm hoping that indeed things will get better for you and Koakuma. Happy anniversary.

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-0.5267 It's sad but there are people who have read her source material,WataMote, have forgotten about her due to the fact that she has not that much of canon information.
-0.4588 I got jealous.
-0.4404 I suck at describing things
-0.4019 That empty stare in [Kii's eyes], knowing that her cousin that she admires a lot was lying to her all along.
-0.3818 The fact that she lied to Kii-chan about having a relationship with the guy just adds up to the cringe.
-0.3612 I understand what you feel about getting lonely with dealing with the lack of fan art and merch.
-0.3612 [Megumi fighting against evil].
-0.3089 Of course I can't help to feel distant sometimes though those moments were not complete disconnection from her.
-0.3089 I can't help it.
-0.296 Yeah I'll be happy for her but at the same time be sad that it'll be probably her last appearance in her source material.
-0.2617 I know it's selfish but that was my heart was saying that time.
-0.25 I often see her alone.