/u/johnsmith6966 is very positive!

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0.8757 You have such an amazing body - LOVE the tanlines!
0.8478 Looking back on your post history, it certainly does look like a gorgeous pussy!
0.818 My God - you are just so gorgeous!
0.8016 Cute panties - beautiful pussy!
0.801 Too much pussy hair for my liking, but a very sexy sight anyways!
0.7845 Definitely one of the greatest scenes in movie history.
0.7777 Your body is amazing - definitely lovin your pussy!
0.7777 I sure wish my wife and I looked like this!
0.7512 You are so gorgeous!
0.7501 Would absolutely love to devour it ;)
0.7417 You are just so beautiful!

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.594 Did you cum inside her ass??
-0.5848 That ass would get tongue-fucked for hours!
-0.5848 That ass would get devoured!
-0.5574 Just from this angle, and setting, she reminds me of the woman robber in the diner of Pulp Fiction
-0.4753 I'd love to pull out of that ass and blast a giant load all over that pantied ass!
-0.4003 Would definitely tongue-fuck that ass for hours before sliding my cock inside it!
-0.2846 She has some great tits, but, of all things to complain about, her nose is just awkward....
-0.2263 I'm sure you want to fuck her, so find out if she's up for it.
0.0 God-fuckin-damn!
0.0 Go big or go home - find out her intentions.
0.0 I don't see any claim to be the one in the pic....
0.0 Can we see more of you in those??