/u/jmatthewsnz is very positive!

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0.8779 all good, best of luck finding
0.8597 My 9.3.3 jb was so slow compared to the way 10.2 is running, it feels so great haha.
0.8464 Best offer so far :) I'll give it ten mins but get back to you :)
0.8313 Really hoping someone can help out haha.
0.8225 the first four comments involved sneakily drugging your children haha, thanks for a serious answer :)
0.8176 If you had some free time at any point I'd love to talk more.
0.8014 I use vh for so long and was hesitant to try touchr, but tbh i'm finding it a lot smoother and more responsive then vh ever has been for me haha.
0.7964 great trade :)
0.7876 Nice offer but no thanks :)
0.7845 Yes i love this poster.
0.7845 It is beautiful haha.

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.787 Damn that looks so sick.
-0.7184 Damn, whoever made that sick content deserves channel of the month
-0.6418 Dammmmmm this is so sick.
-0.5994 I updated my phone to 10.2 yesterday, and used Yalu Beta 3 to jailbreak my phone a few hours ago, and I've had no problems.
-0.5431 I actually bought from someone else so sorry to mess ya around.
-0.4215 ooooo boiiii ill enter.
-0.4215 The card attached to my PayPal has more than enough in it to process, tried removing and re-authorising it too but to no avail.
-0.4215 Add in a key or another few crates and ill take it?
-0.4005 Quite drunk.
-0.3476 Nah not interested sorry.
-0.3182 We lost many games.
-0.2714 I dont understand how to take a dump of it, but if you could teach me a little i'd be eternally greatful!