/u/jjones0018 is very positive!

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0.9636 Love love love love this!!!!
0.9403 Also love to hear your voice in your vids and your super cute laugh.
0.9312 Love love love this!
0.9312 Love, love, love you...For reals!
0.9274 Love love love this
0.9202 I LOVE LOVE tjis post...your ass is just so perfect in jeans
0.8766 Thank you so much for blessing us with that absolutely amazing derriere.
0.8708 Absolutely love this...she is so sexy
0.8585 Absolutely love you and your perfect booty!
0.8513 My goodness she is so beautiful!
0.8475 Wow, just wow!!

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.5971 I am so infatuated with you and your ass!!!
-0.5848 Never wanted to eat an ass so much in my life!
-0.0516 My goodness i want to eat that ass
0.0 Hypnotizing
0.0 Damn....luv luv luv your posts...gorgeous as always!
0.0 If only given the opportunity...):
0.0 Damn...she is gorgeous...good job
0.0 Still sexiest girl ever!
0.0516 I cant wait to see everything you post.....i am totally hipnotized by that perfect ass.
0.126 What a perfect ass!
0.126 Perfect ass as always!
0.3612 Thank you for this vid.