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0.9643 I mean I hate pop country but I honestly love "friends in low places." It's pretty good compared to your usual country radio stuff
0.9524 I'm pretty happy with them, which is good, because at like $40 a set they better be good and last.
0.9022 Wait for the moment is just beautiful, 1612 is super fun.
0.891 If somebody loves bubblegum pop then they are not any less of a listener than someone who loves Bob Dylan, or classical, or jazz, or Swedish black metal. Let people enjoy things dammit
0.8528 888,777 With any luck I'll get my computer fixed in time use it before winter break ends :P Thanks OP!
0.8484 I think their new sound, especially with True Sadness, is creating some really interesting music, and their great writing is still at the core of each song.
0.8473 That seems like a really good deal if it's in good condition!
0.8462 I have no idea how I'll accomplish that but I feel like it gives me inspiration sometimes
0.8442 Even their hits like Everlong monkey wrench are pretty passionate. Today though...
0.8333 I know it kinda sucks but hey, it makes me happy to hear about somebody excited to learn the instrument!
0.8316 Be sure to play it before you buy it, make sure it feels nice.

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-0.8074 Notably they cracked down on American merchants smuggling, which pissed Americans off.
-0.7684 I realize it's often due to the sound guy, but I hate hearing vague, over toney, bassy blobs of sound.
-0.7351 It's stupidly easy to hurt yourself with improper technique, and not just your hands we're talking back and neck problems too.
-0.7089 Dude no he could really hurt himself without proper technique.
-0.6608 Like a painting that isn't beautiful, but interesting and thought provoking
-0.6486 I understand if he can't get lessons but he will hurt himself if he tries to play with no training
-0.6381 It's not like electric where you can get away with poor technique.
-0.5849 It's a really bad idea to go without lessons.
-0.5303 Proper technique is not intuitive and it's so easy to hurt yourself with bad technique.
-0.4847 I would not recommend buying something you can't play beforehand.
-0.4588 I love upright and want OP to learn but trying to self teach the instrument is just a bad idea
-0.4404 So I'd say throw on a metronome and just worry about the technical, note-for-note how-to-play business of your part.