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0.9141 Yeah, but it costs rich peoples money to feed old people, and i mean don't you feel sorry for the rich because they can't get another yacht?
0.8955 I mean when you are rich and trust me one day you could be rich!
0.7934 "far left" = don't be a racist cunt. Ok then.
0.7717 or just be super lucky with very little regard for your own personal skill.
0.7425 Nor is it the first actions Russia has done towards Europe, "making friends" with someone who wants power over you is a really good way to end up licking some boots.
0.6772 he's didn't just get money from those people he put them into fucking office. Sure they both did that, but one of them wasn't blatantly "fuck your rights, healthcare and everything else"
0.6096 Im talking about the republicans for the most part. Trump and his supporters are more then fine with it.
0.5945 It was not normal activities, it was not some drill, they secured Crimea with their military, It was de-facto Occupied territory by the most basic and straight forward definition of the word.
0.5837 Will someone please think about the people making several americans lifetimes worth of money!!
0.4939 Now on the other hand some democrats ordering cheese pizza?
0.4939 How dare people being mistreated in working conditions want something better, how dare they arm themselves when people come to beat them back into submission.

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-0.936 Horse shit about what? The Us supported a lot of fascist dictatorships that killed a lot of people during the cold war, simply because they where not communist.
-0.836 The right hated Obama because he was Black, The left hate Trump because he is fucking up the country.
-0.8176 It doesn't even make sense to think the "left" would lose their shit over it. No thinking skills at all, just rhetoric spewed at random.
-0.7906 The rightfully elected president doing shitty things that are directly going to hurt people.
-0.7713 They have developed some pretty nasty biological and chemical weapons that would be more dangerous then the nukes.
-0.765 Many of these attacks are by people born in these countries decades ago, This Attacker was born in England in 1964,
-0.7088 nothing is going on stop being such a conspiracy theorist!
-0.6908 Fear and anger are great tools for controlling people. Give them something to be scared of and you can take everything from them in exchange for "security"
-0.6901 Which is really fucked.
-0.5859 It goes against the bullshit you said.
-0.5719 Because i check in here every so often, but the quality of content has been garbage so having it on my list is just a waste of space.
-0.5682 But they do wage ideological wars. Plus the bible and other holy books also say similar stuff, it doesn't matter if it's once or one thousand times.