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0.8947 They could be worried people would go off and party and have fun without thinking about what the day is about. They don't want people to celebrate the day, they want people to honour the day.
0.8441 That being said I can fully agree that is something positive he has done, but that happened months ago and he did get coverage and praise for it by many people on the opposition side.
0.802 Maybe if he actually did something positive he would get positive coverage.
0.802 If advertisers dropped support for huffingtonpost post then fine, they drop support for them, It's their right to drop that support if they see fit.
0.7906 Because it's funny. The President of the United States of America posted a unfinished statement with a huge typo that has been left up for an hour and 20 minutes.
0.7645 and you'd have to keep it in the air pretty much at all times for it to be really effective.
0.7592 "it's not racist to want Canada to stay white" yes yes its racist, that is the definition of racism.
0.7496 Ehh, It's unfair but understandable. Edit: it might be against the rules set by the party itself but still not illegal, and the other point still stands.
0.6887 so the Support is there, If Ukraine asked the likely response would be a yes.
0.6728 I think it's more of apathy and just being "lazy" People where certain Hillary would win, so they sat at home certain someone else would do it for them.
0.6705 Maybe if he did something that was positive. Even breitbart has trouble posting positive things trump has done.

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-0.9601 It would still be classed as terrorism regardless, running over a group of people with a vehicle or gunning them down to send a message is terrorism, it's about creating terror and fear and hate.
-0.875 As if calling it Islamic terrorism instead of just terrorism is going to solve the problem. Yes lets blame the religion of millions of people for the actions of a dozen, that'll solve it somehow.
-0.8625 One of us called out a lying media organization for being factually wrong on issues, and the other unfairly labeled most of an ideology for being wrong.
-0.8591 It would be insane of me to use the rebel to discredit the entire Right wing ideology because the rebel lies and cheats and misleads people.
-0.854 It's pure and utter racism, they don't care how they act, they care how they look.
-0.8316 Well it is bash the fascist, and not Bash the republicans. Nobody should have a problem with bash the fascist.
-0.8126 Fox news is now past the denial and anger stages, Now they are in the bargaining and depression stages.
-0.765 It might be hypocritical or ironic If i said the Majority of the right was wrong based off my personal opinion, But i did not say that, I didn't imply it either.
-0.7003 It's just as insane to label the entire "left" as wrong for the same reason.
-0.6923 Because maybe whats being said on sites like the Rebel are wrong and they don't deserve support if people choose to not support them?
-0.6901 At an excessively high rate because of lack of prevention, protection and extremely poor working conditions.
-0.6808 And they damn well dare wonder why they get called Racist