/u/jeffgoldbum is kind of a dick.

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0.9022 http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/11910/? Securitron is pretty great, the Torso on a sentry legs is amazing.
0.8836 To be serious for now, most robots for a job like surgeon won't look like this. It'll be more like http://i.imgur.com/bj7nIKh.png But i do kinda hope they look like creepy humans.
0.8591 Id be happy with a million a year if I knew they along with all Canadians had access to good jobs, good housing, with sustainable living costs.
0.8547 The free market wouldn't fix it, this is a lie. the free market didn't stop these kinds of websites from existing, It wouldn't stop stores from not selling to gay people or blacks.
0.8481 They are saying explicitly that Canada is great because the people who built it are white, not that they are white, It was BECAUSE of their skin colour the country is great.
0.802 Which is a good thing, Maybe it could make the conservative party palatable to more Canadians if they stick with it.
0.7737 No amount of Bias in the DNC would have changed that if they voted. I don't deny he's popular, but for all that popularity, he had very little physical support.
0.7294 I feel we aren't taking these people into our country because of the goodness of our hearts I think a lot is really just cheap labor we don't really give a shit about.
0.6369 I love how they include literal neo-nazis and confederate traitors as being "conservatives"
0.6249 But what if they find out Donald trumps great grandmother was black.
0.6114 better cut their taxes and remove the regulations, that will surely make these corporations hire me with a decent wage!

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-0.926 That image is a complete load of bullshit, They face a tiny bit of backlash for the awful shit they say and they start squealing and crying when they face some consequences.
-0.8834 Of course you get attacked when you have people on your sub supporting a terrorist who killed someone.
-0.872 communism is bad at handling the famines that killed tens of millions, but it never caused them it was never coded into their ideology that you must create a famine to kill people.
-0.8689 Its bad because TD is a cesspit of racism and biggotry, and fake news, straight up made up stuff.
-0.8591 Go look at the same article in /r/canada, It's all about inferior races invading Canada, Its not a single fucking thing about economic worries, it's just pure racist garbage.
-0.8074 Because Glenn beck got help for serious mental problems. Im being serious, He suffered severe mental issues for a long time, and once he got treatment he stopped being a nutjob.
-0.7783 It's insane, they act and react the same as the terrorists.
-0.7579 I mean, one side is just using racist dog whistles mainly as an argument, and the other isn't. It's not really the same,
-0.7506 Reality has abandoned them, so all they have left is conspiracy theories.
-0.7269 What these commentators are saying is that ONLY white people can uphold these values, which is just racist and bullshit.
-0.7003 Imagine the shit storm meta canada would put up if this sub had people supporting ISIS terrorists running down people with a car.
-0.6908 Even for their "violence" Antifa ideology is not about genocide or mass murder or mass deportation.