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0.8689 Xi getting a Nobel peace prize that would be neat.
0.8603 I do, but isn't there a problem when a single person can have 10000 lifetimes worth of wealth?
0.8568 Yes anyone should be able to marry anyone. But you need something to enforce that, otherwise certain people aren't going to allow certain other people to have the freedom to do that.
0.8481 We can comfortably support well over 10 billion people, at current growth projections we are going to stabilize around 9 billion or so.
0.7639 I really hope not, I was hoping for a nice life not a shit life.
0.7346 That too, we could use more dedicated distant communications with doctors who are open and available, doing it from home would be even better.
0.6597 Sure they are successful, but not so much that they are worth millions of other people.
0.6059 My first time voting was for the conservatives when i was 18 or so. I just did what the older people around me did, "Well my parents voted for the conservatives so they can't be that bad"
0.5574 Yes because that is the only reason people do some things is to feel "warm fuzzies" /s
0.5256 Id rather not have them sell it at the end of the day, it's giving us revenue, it's in control by the public, and it provides very good service for the province. There is no need to sell it off.
0.4939 It's less then 1 police officer per polling station/booth That seems pretty normal to me.

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-0.8507 Assad is not the man leading the army to victory, he's not some great mind ordering every attack, he's the unelected dictator who started this mess in the first place.
-0.8203 So im already right on all this bullshit that was being said on how trump was anti war, or he wasn't a warmonger or that he was "different"
-0.8061 Because they want people to get angry, so they can go "look at the savages !!1!"
-0.7964 Wikileaks wasn't the first to leak that stuff, it was leaked out many years before which is what started those conspiracy theories in the first place.
-0.7579 In that its a poor excuse to hate on an ideology or economic system.
-0.7497 That is 0.00007% of the Muslim population, The facts show the majority which is well over 99% of Muslims in the west in fact will not, and never will commit an attack, or a major crime.
-0.6908 kill them, Now you're literally Nazi Germany.
-0.687 I can't be sure, Ive read a lot of retarded things by white nationalists.
-0.6808 But with the amount of rhetoric, the amount of posturing, the amount of doubt makes the situation worse then any time prior.
-0.6486 Id argue it's because they have more interactions with the muslims in that city that they know the people doing these attacks aren't the same as the ones they talk to in daily life.
-0.6486 People get vilified for it because they support a self destructive policy that robs them and others of the money they could have.
-0.6369 It depends on how they wanna fight it. One candidate understands its such a small number of people actually doing these attacks.