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0.8074 We won the popular vote and we are winning the demographic battle.
0.7901 HRC and her campaign are telling it like it is and that's why American's love her!
0.7579 HRC has the support of Americans and will win the election handily.
0.7096 Do you think Drumpf cares more about him or big business profits?
0.6757 **Tough loss guys but at least we can still get the biggest win of the year next tuesday.
0.6597 The media is treating her like she is running against a good, upstanding person, and treating him with kid gloves.
0.6369 Mismanaged emails are literally the best that Drumpf has aginst her.
0.6369 Why do you love HRC?
0.5859 At least we can still win by voting HRC into office.
0.5667 He could not have raped his niece because his penis was too large.
0.5574 More braindead stoner zombies that want free stuff and campaign for Bernie.

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.8883 HRC and the Dems have fought racism their entire lives and getting repaid by sitting out this election is fucking bullshit.
-0.8126 Racism = power + prejudice.
-0.81 I wish we could just have honest discussions about policies and HRC, but no these pricks have to ruin it.
-0.7964 Because Drumpfkins and other trolls shitpost and spam it to hell and back.
-0.7906 Fuck this is unprecedented and horrible.
-0.7845 You're lying about prices to make Obama and the Democrats look bad.
-0.7783 It's sad that that many Pennsylvanians are that retarded to vote for Drump.
-0.7783 It's ironic that Drumpf tries to blame a lowly staffer like Huma for problems when he's the biggest problem in politics.
-0.7351 He's naive as shit and trying to be nice when he should be sticking his dick down the republican's throats.
-0.7269 All womyn that have ever been victims of sexual assault.
-0.7184 Stop this artificial border bullshit and open your eyes.