/u/jcockmonger267 is a total dick!

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0.8402 One hopes, however, that the awesome responsibility of safeguarding our secrets is fully imparted on whomever occupies the Oval Office.
0.8074 There are many other ways Americans could benefit from better border security than the wall just being a budget issue solely on it's own.
0.7934 Yeah, I know all of that, and I don't give a shit what you give a shit about.
0.7835 Amazing! Edit: /u/NeedToProgram said something like I knew it!
0.6908 I hope those lifts work out for you and you find a nice fat white girl for yourself.
0.6369 By 1945 2/3 of the trucks the Soviets were using were American made and the best in the world.
0.6249 It was a great contribution.
0.6249 Hopefully you can keep it relevant, but it looks like you're already citing WWII. Also your country wouldn't be involved in Afghanistan or Iraq or even WWII in anyway right?
0.6224 Oh you specifically won't say, you coward. You continuously say "you" as if I was even alive for or had anything to do with any of this.
0.5932 I could say we are all responsible. There's nothing wrong with living in a trailer.
0.5927 Yeah it was, but like everything it's more complicated than that.

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-0.8625 You have murderers in your country, and in every country so are we all just murderers?
-0.836 You even mischaracterize what happened by saying " setting little girls on fire." You mean in one horrible tragedy it happened?
-0.8225 Are you feeling a little feverish? Your entire first paragraph is based on a few mentally ill criminals who were prosecuted.
-0.8225 The truck attack in Stockholm killed 4 people.
-0.8225 Fuck you shithead.
-0.8225 There was no British military involvement regarding British troops fighting in the Nigerian Civil War.
-0.8212 I say, "Do you think that if there was a God" argument because your argument is extremely weak and doesn't satisfy any condition.
-0.8173 UK and France declared war on Germany and totally failed.
-0.802 You're just making shit up. Many Russians died even with massive US food aid.
-0.7906 Remember the Russians divided up Poland with the Germans to start the war, dipshit.
-0.7845 1 man accidentally killed and one wounded in the three "Cod Wars."
-0.765 Sad they want to revise history to justify their bullshit.