/u/jcockmonger267 is kind of a dick.

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0.886 Yes, yes, Canadian, let's have a nice warm glass of maple syrup and calm ourselves down.
0.8316 ha we had a popular australian comedian come to America and make jokes about rape...
0.7902 I'm sure Canada will have plenty of opportunities in reality to burn very nice and fancy things in the future.
0.7717 There's kegs at weddings, small bands playing, non young parties, work events, and other events outside of a bar or festival which also have kegs.
0.7506 It's perfectly ok to cast an English actor as German.
0.6771 So it feels superior and smug then.
0.6369 Indian families and often Chinese, like Jews, tend to heavily help their offspring and extended family throughout their lives.
0.6369 It's super offensive to be honest.
0.5862 I never called anyone dumb, well until now.
0.5859 Because it was successful and common it appears to be a very logical thing to do.
0.5809 You really demonstrated your superior knowledge here.

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-0.9081 Only the trolls and racists who want to antagonize people bother with the bullshit.
-0.8625 As for yourself, you refused to answer or offer anything at all so as to not be held accountable while spouting idiotic bullshit off about the US.
-0.8316 Trying to boast about your races IQ as if that has anything to do with you is a pathetic waste of time and unimportant.
-0.802 You have no point when you're rude and obnoxious yourself first.
-0.7964 Except for this terror attack in Scotland...
-0.765 the Fast and Furious Scandal wasn't an atrocity.
-0.765 That's why a lot of people say awful shit online.
-0.7506 Dumb Poor Bigot.
-0.7316 You've talked so much shit over the years you've now got to double down and believe this shit to protect your own little ego.
-0.7184 Because in Sharia Law Sweden that's illegal and also kind of obvious you're a crazy person.
-0.7096 That's idiotic and intellectually dishonest of you to suggest that.
-0.6908 The whole West has a problem with how women are forced to dress in many non Western countries.