/u/jcockmonger267 is a total dick!

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0.7934 Yeah, I know all of that, and I don't give a shit what you give a shit about.
0.7835 Amazing! Edit: /u/NeedToProgram said something like I knew it!
0.6597 No one's going to agree to say Hitler The Great just because he wanted us to.
0.659 Not so great now, are you Magnus?
0.6369 Men love it when you really globulin it on.
0.6249 Hopefully you can keep it relevant, but it looks like you're already citing WWII. Also your country wouldn't be involved in Afghanistan or Iraq or even WWII in anyway right?
0.6239 They all look like idiots!" Sure Buddy.
0.6224 Oh you specifically won't say, you coward. You continuously say "you" as if I was even alive for or had anything to do with any of this.
0.5932 I could say we are all responsible. There's nothing wrong with living in a trailer.
0.5423 Yeah, please do actually give some information.
0.4782 It doesn't mean everything and it doesn't make a person an expert, but it isn't worthless or pointless.

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-0.8625 You have murderers in your country, and in every country so are we all just murderers?
-0.836 You even mischaracterize what happened by saying " setting little girls on fire." You mean in one horrible tragedy it happened?
-0.8225 Are you feeling a little feverish? Your entire first paragraph is based on a few mentally ill criminals who were prosecuted.
-0.8225 The truck attack in Stockholm killed 4 people.
-0.8225 Fuck you shithead.
-0.8225 There was no British military involvement regarding British troops fighting in the Nigerian Civil War.
-0.8126 No, melatonin is not toxic unless at ridiculous amounts, but too much alcohol is poisonous.
-0.7845 Seriously, Gene Simmons can go lick an angry chimp's dirty asshole.
-0.7845 1 man accidentally killed and one wounded in the three "Cod Wars."
-0.7506 America didn't invent eugenics or punishing the mentally ill.
-0.743 You're full of strawmen, bullshit, and ignorance.
-0.7371 They didn't get praise or medals they got prison.