/u/janiesan is a total dick!

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0.9142 I like how genuine your smile is looking at yourself in the mirror, you look so happy with what you see now and you should be, you look very healthy.
0.8386 its not bipolar but yes he FOR SURE needs to see someone to make some life style changes for the best.
0.7783 Honestly concerned about how LoL is going to affect him if he binge plays it too.
0.7506 And that ADHD exists and therapy might be helpful for him which is a positive thing.
0.7269 hero cop thank you so much
0.6597 yes im interested
0.5994 pretty scary to see a loved one or anyone go through this.
0.4939 I'd safely assume he's the one that wants attention.
0.4939 Its pretty much labeled a veterans disease.
0.4927 I really hope one day this is readily available for all

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-0.9169 fuck this is getting serious, i lost a friend to suicide and reckful said he was suicidal in his teenage years.
-0.8934 People thought that PTSD and CPTSD were veterans diseases and did not know you can get it through long-term domestic abuse, child abuse, car accidents etc.
-0.886 Reckful is on a drug for hair loss that has depression listed as a side effect and league is cancer.
-0.8834 When there is behavior this out of the ordinary 9/10 its mental illness or mental distress or drug abuse.
-0.8483 Hes not a fucking sociopath im so sick of retarded chat.
-0.8481 I did the driving classes and it was fine and then when i drove with my dadi had a couple of incidents of his rage leading to me having a panic attack.
-0.8438 They can cause suicidal thoughts and are not approved to treat PTSD...
-0.8402 Bipolar disorder is characterized by alternations between episodes of mania and depression, mania must last 1 week at the leasty, and the depressive episode must last 2 weeks at the least.
-0.7845 damn, the ignorance of mental illness is real and its fucking us all over one way or another
-0.765 its being irritable, talkative, making bad decisions, gambling...
-0.7579 you know people with mental illness are more susceptible to believing bullshit AND acting on it?
-0.743 14 Year old wastes his time engaging with a violent woman who tries to assault him*