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0.8718 Happy to answer any other specific questions you might have and good luck!
0.8428 Oh and download away, just enter 0$ for the amount, Bandcamp doesn't entirely make it clear that the music is free. https://kingdeadalive.bandcamp.com/album/minnesota-iiiiii is a good place to start.
0.8402 Just now getting used to sharing any music I've made. Thanks for listening, any feedback is appreciated.
0.8402 Longtime musician just now getting used to sharing any music I've made. Thanks for listening, any feedback is appreciated.
0.8074 I have the Critter and Guitari bass synth it's pretty great, this seems to be able to do way more though.
0.7717 The hour+ I get back from my commute going directly into making something creative is a godsend.
0.7408 Very helpful, thanks guys.
0.7178 Thanks, we're so lucky to have her.
0.7003 That's a lotta info, hope it's useful and let me know if you have any other questions.
0.6808 At a cocktail party recently I ran into one of my Asian friends, we touched drinks, in a toast-ish manner, and I verbalized the action saying 'Chink'. I really meant to say 'clink', I swear.
0.6808 i would die happy if i made one song as good as lichen just one select ambient work and i'm good

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-0.7351 [video link] watchable, but sorry that's some bad audio
-0.6086 And i see the potential in dusting it off for non-live usage. Also, I'm a big-time Op1 user so the portability arguments are kinda lost on me.
-0.5984 Maybe there's a DAW application I'm missing, I only really messed with the Animoog app.
-0.4847 I do some sample editing in Logic before I import, just to prepare, esp without a real super functional way to do accurate time stretching on the OP1.
-0.4019 i see a limited pool of socially progressive voter enthusiasm, and i hate to see it squandered and re-filled and squandered
-0.296 Oh it needs an outlet, no internal battery.
-0.296 The goal here is an info device, not a communications device, with no monthly cost.
-0.0987 I didn't have a clear picture in mind for either, these were both tinkered to completion through improv and playing with different sounds and arrangement.
0.0 Still need to start from scratch with in/out points though .
0.0 but you have an op1?
0.0 Oh and where'd you buy it?
0.0 how is it?)