/u/jahvidbest is kind of a dick.

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0.8231 Bro, don't drop the f bomb after getting drafted, lol.
0.7506 lol, Schiff reading these tweets is making me laugh.
0.7351 Enjoy 8 years :)
0.7269 Yes, win stupid prizes.
0.7096 Thank you kind sir
0.6853 I didn't even like O'Reilly, but that was a major win for these guys.
0.6361 It seems like I could make a facebook profile and list FBI very easily.
0.5574 It seems like someone has access to NSA collection tools, probably some Obama loyalists.
0.4939 Enjoy your visit from the secret service.
0.4588 Who cares about Santorum thinks about anything?
0.4404 Send out better surrogates when you have a narrative to push.

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-0.8402 Not true, Patriots hate illegal immigration, refugees who cause crime, and globalists.
-0.7906 Stop trying to smear a 15 year old, the texts happened and he's a pervert.
-0.7906 You make damn sure there are no Russian casualties or the world is fucked.
-0.7906 "London: Our Terrorist Victims are the Most Diverse"
-0.7845 Investors would shit, the company is already failing
-0.7269 No one should go to war over John Podesta's emails, jfc.
-0.7165 So the rape is fakenews?
-0.7003 Tedious trial and error segments, poor pacing, and the ending is ambiguous.
-0.6597 You are all evil.
-0.6124 Not voting for an old white women is racist?
-0.5945 So are their illegal immigrants in NYC public schools then?
-0.5859 Because the media is pushing a false narrative that normal Americans can see is bullshit.