/u/jahvidbest is kind of a dick.

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0.7351 Enjoy 8 years :)
0.7269 Yes, win stupid prizes.
0.7269 Sanders sure does love spending other people's hard earned money.
0.7096 Thank you kind sir
0.6853 I didn't even like O'Reilly, but that was a major win for these guys.
0.6361 It seems like I could make a facebook profile and list FBI very easily.
0.5574 It seems like someone has access to NSA collection tools, probably some Obama loyalists.
0.5511 I'm sure this isn't a misleading translation.
0.4939 Enjoy your visit from the secret service.
0.4767 He has a Netflix show that employs his friends.
0.4588 Who cares about Santorum thinks about anything?

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.7906 Stop trying to smear a 15 year old, the texts happened and he's a pervert.
-0.7667 FCC should look in to this murder being shown on live tv
-0.7474 They are more worried about illegal immigrants than US citizens.
-0.6597 You are all evil.
-0.6369 Warner is rude and interrupting.
-0.6249 MSNBC in crisis mode as narrative falls apart.
-0.5994 goat fuckers
-0.5859 Because the media is pushing a false narrative that normal Americans can see is bullshit.
-0.5709 So stupid he became a billionaire and president.
-0.5574 This shit should have gone through congress.
-0.5574 They do that shit all the time.
-0.5574 How long is this bull shit investigation going to go on?