/u/jackch3 is a total dick!

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0.8537 I'm not home so I can't go into VR right now and test it, but I'm PRETTY sure it can.
0.8214 Most people care about score/hr because it ultimately determines your certs/hour, and how much fun you're having playing the game.
0.7906 What other vehicle gets two weapons for the pilot, and free radar, and free auto repair, and free turbo when they are already the fastest vehicles in the game?
0.785 Good job having barely better infantry KDR even though you play with two crutches and a wheelchair.
0.7717 And this cloak will encourage boring, camping game play, that stats peoples KDR and removes fun for everyone else involved.
0.738 I almost exclusively play in armor, one of the most active TR players according to the daily leaderboards every time I play, still never heard of D0G.
0.7184 Hornets are perfectly fine in their current state.
0.7184 For bases with a single infantry entrance this could potentially prevent infils from freely entering, I personally do not see this as detrimental to either side of the engagement.
0.7096 Good luck finding them now.
0.7096 Good job, you're truly a master of the Phoenix and your opinion matters.
0.7013 Just because the "meta" won't want to waste time for their precious KPM ratio doesn't mean it won't be used by highly skilled players.

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-0.9531 Horrible physics are the #1 killer of harassers, and yet they already said they have no plans to update the harasser.
-0.9243 The only reason people bitch about Vulcan is because it's the only usable weapon TR has, so if enemies are going to die to anything it will "always" be the Vulcan.
-0.9217 It can be done if you are A: Lucky, B: The enemy pilot is complete shit, or C: you outnumber them and kill steal someone else's work.
-0.9216 I have posted NO false numbers, NO lies, and NO "unproven assumptions", you're the only one bringing any of that crap to this debate.
-0.9011 One 1000 damage dumb fire puts my harasser to about 50%, but one 750 damage pheonix puts me even lower to about 40%.
-0.8934 A weaker weapon can still be more popular and tally up more kills by people who are forced to use it because there is no other choice if you want to play TR and use an MBT or harasser.
-0.886 They don't have to pull an MBT to kill my MBT, but I HAVE to pull an ESF to kill their ESF?
-0.8806 There are lots of high skill players who are rarely seen directly on the front lines, they are busy doing stupid fun shit that doesn't reward the maximum score or kills per hour.
-0.875 Fury was weak on flash and harasser, it only needed a nerf on Sundy and Ant
-0.872 There are also infantry hiding around every single piece of cover in the game, or they bail assaulted after some dogfight that I wasn't even remotely aware of and boom now I'm dead.
-0.8689 By the same logic, pulling MBTs when you face MBTs, or counter-sniping a sniper is also cancer. Air is always cancer because of how overpowered and uncounterable it is.
-0.8689 Spamming AD to strafe, combined with shit netcode and server latency, might as well be bug abuse.