/u/jackch3 is kind of a dick.

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0.9308 Scrapper : "Improved traction, turning, brakes and reverse speed." Racer : "Improved speed and acceleration." Let me point out IMPROVED TURNING, and IMPROVED SPEED.
0.8689 Mobility, "the ability to move or be moved freely and easily." Racer can only effectively move in one direction, Scrapper can move in all directions efficiently.
0.8658 ", while racer is "Improved speed and acceleration." and since every good driver accelerates with a turbo tap, all racer is good for is top speed.
0.8271 Scrapper also has significantly better brakes and turning, allowing for tighter maneuvers and better strafing, meaning better dodges.
0.8126 The success rate of "sitting on a hill with HE" and surviving is like 5%.
0.7845 Are you really going to tell me that going 5kph faster at top speed is going to save me more than having significantly better reverse speed, turning, and brakes?
0.7825 You can turbo fowards to make up for the lack of racer but you can't turbo backwards so the improved reverse is a huge deal.
0.7789   1 C4 should not instant kill harassers within a 5meter radius.
0.7717 I've been the "best X NA" across multiple games for like a decade.
0.765 I truly enjoy these changes, and not just because it "spites Racer users", the vehicle finally has weight and handling and works better overall.
0.743 Well I've played the game for more than a couple of weeks, and this change is rather nice to me.

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-0.9301 Theres plenty of reasons why any attack can fail, Vulcan has the lowest damage per magazine making it the least forgiving.
-0.9161 I mostly agree, but this 5% of HE tanks is what EVERY dumb ass infantry main complains about and tries to use as justification for nerfing the OTHER 95% of AP tanks, which are underpowered.
-0.8969 A SINGLE A2G or G2G enemy will destroy that "OMFG SO OVERPOWERED FACEROLL NO SKILL" HE tank.
-0.8879 Ultimately it's about how much you can kill, and with the Vulcan you can kill the most You're just making up these quotes that aren't backed by any logic or evidence.
-0.8807 Im BR 104 with TR harasser, 96 with NC harasser, and 53 with VS harasser.
-0.8521 Agreed, but it also has slightly lower DPS and range, making it lose most head-on even fights.
-0.8446 I was reinforcing that ground vehicles infact don't spawn upside-down like aircraft, instead they just die instantly with you still inside, which is worse, and happens much more often.
-0.836 But TR harassers are literally the worst of the 3 factions...
-0.8271 You missed a bunch of shots, and the enemy was awful.
-0.8261 Drifting is now way worse and you lose way more speed. I disagree.
-0.8225 You got a hit marker and kill credit for a sunderer killed with tank mines.
-0.8181 One generic "good" option that no one would pick because it isn't 100% true, and then three very specific negative options.