/u/jackch3 is kind of a dick.

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0.8271 Of note, "Armor S Shoots special projectile, that boosts defense of all friendly targets in a cone in front of you .
0.8271 Scrapper also has significantly better brakes and turning, allowing for tighter maneuvers and better strafing, meaning better dodges.
0.8126 The success rate of "sitting on a hill with HE" and surviving is like 5%.
0.8074 LBG is NOT the better support role, it is a completely different support role.
0.8 Gatekeeper is not viable, nor is anti-air, so Halberd is definitely the best option for TR.
0.7964 Good job, 10/10, best chassis in the entire game for "high skill players".
0.7825 You can turbo fowards to make up for the lack of racer but you can't turbo backwards so the improved reverse is a huge deal.
0.7789   1 C4 should not instant kill harassers within a 5meter radius.
0.714 I'm not trying to say one is better than the other, but that they each excel at different things.
0.7096 Yes, I am confident in my experience with both Planetside and designing games.
0.7003 You might be able to make good maneuvers with Racer but it will never be as good as scrapper.

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-0.9403 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g0PpGIlh3zY Yeah, too bad you're wrong, and fuck you for being an arrogant piece of shit.
-0.9301 Theres plenty of reasons why any attack can fail, Vulcan has the lowest damage per magazine making it the least forgiving.
-0.9231 You're a complete idiot Badger, all you ever do is bitch on reddit about stupid shit that can be remedied by playing the game and not being a 0.6 KDR infantry shitter.
-0.9161 I mostly agree, but this 5% of HE tanks is what EVERY dumb ass infantry main complains about and tries to use as justification for nerfing the OTHER 95% of AP tanks, which are underpowered.
-0.8969 A SINGLE A2G or G2G enemy will destroy that "OMFG SO OVERPOWERED FACEROLL NO SKILL" HE tank.
-0.8934 Flying infantry that can instant kill vehicles with melee attacks is way worse than any LRAV.
-0.8879 Ultimately it's about how much you can kill, and with the Vulcan you can kill the most You're just making up these quotes that aren't backed by any logic or evidence.
-0.8807 Im BR 104 with TR harasser, 96 with NC harasser, and 53 with VS harasser.
-0.8667 You just shoot the orbital structure anywhere, it is not invincible under repair/shield modules, and does not need to be shot in its "core" to kill it.
-0.8521 Agreed, but it also has slightly lower DPS and range, making it lose most head-on even fights.
-0.8446 I was reinforcing that ground vehicles infact don't spawn upside-down like aircraft, instead they just die instantly with you still inside, which is worse, and happens much more often.
-0.836 But TR harassers are literally the worst of the 3 factions...