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0.9565 I'd love guacamelee gold edition please. I'd like it because I love that sort of game and have been meaning to get a co op game to play with my friends
0.9348 I'd love guacamelee super turbo championship edition thanks OP!
0.8979 I'd love to win thanks OP
0.8934 I'd love party hard please thanks OP
0.8885 Thanks OP, I'd love the chance to play this.
0.836 I played the flash version years ago and then before I ascended I played the demo on Xbox one and the memories came flooding back it would be great to have this game on PC.
0.8221 I'd love guns of Icarus please OP! Recently I've been playing overwatch loads because of the uprising event
0.8122 I'd love broforce thanks!
0.8122 92 I'd love payday 2 thanks OP!
0.807 172 thanks OP you're great!
0.807 Thanks OP you're great!

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.802 It also tends to destroy the loot from Joe Cobb which I hate.
-0.7906 Oh shit now I feel stupid I never made that connection.
-0.7871 Holy shit I knew he was a twat but didn't think he was low enough to do that!
-0.5574 Holy shit that's my new headcanon
-0.4986 The zergs are doing nothing wrong though, you may not like how they play but you're much worse.
-0.4767 Sorry if you've already tried it but turning off anti aliasing fixed it for me.
-0.4767 You use the favour later on when ambassador Crocker tells you to have the violence against NCR citizens stopped.
-0.3818 To avoid finding it too hard take your time and explore rather than rushing to your next objective.
-0.3462 Why did did Santa's little helpers feel bad?
-0.2732 They had low elf esteem
-0.2263 I just stopped following it all.
-0.2263 I'm either too dumb or too innocent to get this.