/u/iwdu15 is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.9118 Welcome :) looks like you could use hand ;)
0.8874 Simple but incredibly sexy :)
0.8625 Looks like a perfect fit to me ;)
0.8555 Well thank you for sharing :)
0.8481 Like some sucking and gentle nibbling on your amazing nipples?
0.8183 Very, very sexy :)
0.8176 They look perfect for sucking and gentle nibbling ;)
0.8122 Awesome :) I can't wait!
0.8016 Super cute!
0.7964 Great start :)
0.7964 Such a great post :)

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.8516 Hot damn, you have one hell of a nice ass!
-0.8074 Hot damn that's a hell of a fanny
-0.7574 Hot damn what an ass!
-0.6996 Hot damn, one hell of a nice booty!
-0.5538 Hot damn!!!
-0.5081 Absolutely, damn!
-0.508 Hot damn, incredible!!
-0.508 Damn, phenomenal!!
-0.4574 Damn you're hot...wow!
-0.4574 Hot damn, hi there!
-0.4574 Hot damn, so hot!
-0.3612 Damn you have one hell of a nice body :)