/u/its4-20somewhere is kind of a dick.

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0.9022 All for a new movie, but just thought it was funny because pretty sure he said he was done after Spectre.
0.8984 "Seems like no one got mad" hahaha says the guy with the #22 reply to my original comment - although I do appreciate having not been banned yet for my opinion, so thanks for that.
0.8748 I mean yeah clever point - i am glad you learned doing something like this described in the article leads to consequences!
0.8481 Hahaha okay man love trumps hate, you win - I am defeated and I will return to my cotton fields to relieve my black workers and I instead will pick the cotton.
0.7783 And your comment "try it out sometime" was super edgy, so I think I now have a good enough assessment of who you are, so I am done "talking" to you.
0.7644 Sounds like a win to me!
0.7615 I mean it's just plant cellulose or some shit, but when I got these and tried to get my friends to hit it they thought I was smoking plastic lol
0.7603 Lol Edit: HONESTLY
0.7506 Oh yeah, you won't because you have values and morals just like every soul in Washington DOESN'T have.
0.7345 good luck everybody I change lane now!
0.7178 As long as you keep them fed, do big snakes like this have a very relaxed temperament?

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-0.9398 And I know there are M performance packs, but M performance packs don't come with a big ass M sticker on the windshield or a fake ass M badge on the back / side panels.
-0.9136 That's what that guy just said - it is just as whacky and stupid if you think this was a Russian assassination on US soil instead of Hillary's goons killing him.
-0.8689 You're the reason left and right divide is a thing - there is no middle ground for you - if you are conservative you are just a racist piece of shit.
-0.8225 But terrorist attacks in the EU are almost commonplace nowadays, mr dankmemes4lyfe
-0.8126 Your comment is like saying all the homicides in Chicago are technically "terrorist attacks" Smh - plus did you realize you cited a tumblr page?
-0.7964 And all due to the popularizing image of Pepe the frog - which some sources ridiculously claimed it stood for race wars or some shit.
-0.7855 Don't allow someone else to dictate your shit - find a spot where people can't fuck with you - no matter how stupid or oblivious they are.
-0.7778 Really tired of hearing of Russia's shit.
-0.7494 "You're using bots!" "No, you're using bots!" Fuck it, Reddit has lost all legitimacy.
-0.743 Nah, they're drug addicts and shit - lost in a city that is slowly driving them out.
-0.7387 Edit: hey look - negative downvotes - anyone else hear that echo?!??!?
-0.7374 God dammit now that the Don and Putin met at G20 and then this news will be released - expect the "oh Donald must have sucked off Putin really hard!" Those jokes are lame as fuck and all over Reddit.