/u/its4-20somewhere is kind of a dick.

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0.9584 Lol our countries currency has the words "in god we trust" all over it - if you would like to get rid of any and all your blasphemous religion green paper I will happily help you dispose of it haha
0.8412 A lot of documentaries about Russia have been posted here recently... Truthfully I don't give a shit - I just want some good animal or car docs.
0.8214 lol doesn't Trump want these 3 countries to unite to create the next 3 world super powers?
0.8176 Lol okay a straight up bobcat is it easy to get one of these guys?
0.7783 Yeah my home computer is pretty secure too
0.7506 Yeah I'd say India is about the best place to be a cow..
0.7345 Haha thanks!
0.7003 Congrats you played yourself
0.6486 All in a pair of tims too got damn this dude is better than the original Spider-Man lol
0.6249 lol I voted for trump and I'm sure whatever asshole did this did too...
0.5574 Hahaha don't understand this photo - context?

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-0.9201 I'd be worried it would die in the middle of no where - even no where has old gas stations and shit not EV charging stations.
-0.8689 That's one nasty ass lookin hamster got damn
-0.8461 I think the point is to make them do their own healthcare shit so they'll see how fucked up it is - not a matter of $ - matter of principle?
-0.7906 And the shit Hillary did is way worse than having connection in Russia, let's be serious
-0.787 "Clinton is sick" or "Clinton took money for someone for whatever reason" is fake news???
-0.7543 Is this supposed to be a trick like yeah I mean the narrative for the right is refugees are dangerous but then again a lot of the radical Islamist terrorists didn't have refugee status?
-0.7506 I'm tired of hearing that Russia is the bad guy.
-0.7411 So let me get this straight - you guys counter a hate sub-Reddit with more hate?
-0.7383 Sorry should you guys be mad or madder about not allowing someone into your country???
-0.7351 Whatever - head of FBI lied to congress and American people and head of CIA did the same when asked if they tracked our shit.
-0.6908 Are we prepared to go to war over another countries problems?
-0.6908 Does the Phantom company or whatever business it is aware that their products are being used directly for terrorist reasons?