/u/italian_stallion94 is kind of a dick.

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.8807 I know what you mean, but my love for this city will always be stronger
0.8591 The great worker usually works greater than the good worker
0.7501 Wow, so original.
0.743 She was pretty impressed so we went back to the hostel.
0.7239 So where's the creative and funny part?
0.7184 You must be fun at parties
0.6249 Great 9gag post.
0.5994 Congratulation
0.5859 Amazing skill of reposting
0.5499 I'm an asshole in real life too , but you're clearly overreacting.
0.4927 This shit is so funny that I forgot to laugh

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.9382 I define myself as genderfluid, but my helicopter-father always yelled at me: Stop this stupid bullshit, you are an apache helicopter.
-0.8735 If I have to hear this shit once again, I'm gonna kill myself
-0.7964 How the fuck can this shit get over 1,2k upvotes?
-0.7845 Fuck off, stupid reposter
-0.6866 And you don't help by posting the same stupid story over and over again
-0.6605 This post looks like a repost from a stupid little bitch
-0.6597 Today I fucked up
-0.6341 You are such a disappointment!!!
-0.5719 Are you retarded?
-0.5574 Normie shit
-0.5574 You are a normie posting cringy shit from 9gag on reddit.
-0.5563 Are you fucking dumb?