/u/italian_stallion94 is kind of a dick.

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0.7163 Make eggmerica great again!!!
0.6597 Seems like a good idea
0.6249 Also your clothes seem to be working clothes. Great work though.
0.6249 Great repost
0.6249 But if you listen to unknown artist, you will find some great songs.
0.5994 Later I sold ecstasy and amphetamine and made about 2000$
0.5859 Wow, this just blew my mind
0.5773 And you shouldn't kill time.
0.4939 Enjoy the little things.
0.4939 Google is your friend
0.4588 In swiss german, his name means cute

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-0.9062 Stop reposting for fuck' sake you stupid moron.
-0.8531 Seriously: WTF is wrong with you?
-0.8225 Your culture is a mix of stolen traditions from all over the world. In addition, your political system is as fucked up as most systems in eastern and southern europe.
-0.7964 Are you retarded or just stupid?
-0.711 When we returned to the basis, one of the recruits was so drunk that he couldn't hit the toilet bowl while shitting.
-0.7003 Can you stop posting this shit on every subred?
-0.6808 Stop making stupid people famous.
-0.6597 That's fucked up
-0.6597 But the cure for cancer is actually possible
-0.6486 Downvote the upvote whore
-0.6428 You posted this shit in 5 different subs, I downvoted all of them
-0.5994 You disgust me