/u/italian_stallion94 is kind of a dick.

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.6369 You forgot the 5 best cake receipts
0.5777 This is so funny it was already reposted a hundred times
0.4767 Are you proud on that?
0.4019 Nothing special
0.3612 Met a nerdy girl at a party in miami.
0.3612 You didn't make this joke up.
0.3182 R.I.P original content
0.296 sorry like you didn't know it
0.25 Damn girl, your post history is the perfect example for how a woman's mind works
0.1531 Be careful when you repost
0.0734 It works out the first two week after breakup but I wouldn't recommend it as a permanent solution

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.6059 How many times do you want to repost this shit?
-0.5859 My daughter becoming a slut
-0.5809 This picture is older than you so shut the fuck up you fucking reposter
-0.5777 Your meme game is so weak i can't even find words for it
-0.5574 It's pure shit
-0.5574 This shit is older than the internet itself
-0.5574 You posted the same shit 30 minutes before
-0.5423 Fuck off you fucking normie
-0.5423 Does this makes me a bad man?
-0.5267 Reposting stupid pics from 9gag be like...
-0.5106 You are a liar and an asshole
-0.4767 Shame on you