/u/italian_stallion94 is a total dick!

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0.7363 What kind of jokes do you like? - I'm a big fan of overused, unfunny jokes
0.6705 I'm pretty sure you've never seen any boobs in your life
0.4588 Welcome to r/dank_meme
0.3818 u/zorfex now promises instant repost
0.3612 It feels like a repost
0.296 From now on, people in wheelchairs need to share their bathrooms with retards
0.296 That's the joke, eventhough i think that most americans have never tried a pizza
0.25 Will there be the same jokes of 9/11 in a couple years?
0.0772 I just want one f*cking day where I don't have to see this meme on reddit.
0.0 The only normie I see is you
0.0 Go back to 9gag you f*cking normie

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.8316 Stop reposting you stupid cunt
-0.765 Stop double posting, faggot
-0.6997 What kind of stupid teachers ask shit like this?
-0.6808 Burn in hell george carlin
-0.6597 This is killing me
-0.6597 Stop double-posting, moron
-0.6486 I'm the zodiac killer
-0.6428 Why is this shit on r/funny?
-0.6249 This must be one of worst memes in meme history
-0.6249 This must be one of the worst memes in meme history
-0.6093 You are fake news!!!
-0.6059 How many f*ckin' times do you want to post this shit?