/u/it-vagabond is kind of a dick.

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0.7003 el super aca es una fiesta ves los precios la competencia y variedad y no queres escuchar proteccionismo nunca mas.
0.6908 use the atms avoid 90% of the greater buenos aires, people in wellington told me that naenae is a rough neighbour and it's better than the greater buenos aires by a lot
0.5994 it's like when we played straya back 23 years ago
0.4588 porque en el exterior tienen que competir con otros productos. libre mercado ftw
0.4404 The economist article was easy to read, the study compared ca.
0.4215 the title is true only if by world you mean 25 or 30 countries.
0.4019 it is indeed and hopefully you kiwis will vote national out.
0.3182 YTMND is like a graveyard of inside jokes
0.3182 ronnie arias please
0.0108 please qualify argentina, I don't want to play the playoff against NZ while living in NZ
0.0 de la rua se gano el voto joven con los conciertos para los pibes de 17 en su epoca de intendente

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-0.9006 But that doesn't mean I have to tolerate shitty journalism, specially right now with all this fake news bullshit.
-0.765 tiene parkinson no cancer en fase terminal.
-0.743 lo que es no acordarse de la crisis del 2001 ...
-0.7003 0 drama, ni locales ni las casas tienen barrotes o rejas. no tocas guita directamente, todo es por tarjeta de debito sin cargo .
-0.6908 just kill me now
-0.6249 sancor esta en crisis facil desde el 2013
-0.5994 no problem bro
-0.5574 pero muh employment, si queres tener servicios decentes sos un hijo de puta porque terminan todos los vagos sin laburo
-0.5423 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/YTMND fuck I feel old, 12 years have passed
-0.5256 25 countries that A) are not the whole world and B) not the OECD and the author somehow managed to write a title that is completely wrong.
-0.4939 A river plate fan killed himself 6 years ago because river plate was relegated to the B division. what a bunch of idiots
-0.34 munro was a mistake