/u/it-vagabond is kind of a dick.

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0.8016 Development is very active. it's been requested since .net core alpha, specially because it's the best alternative to VS.
0.7506 just say the magic words "increase of property value" and they say yes. I did that
0.7269 please random, win this one
0.6369 I bought a ZM-K700M from pbtech and it's the best investment I've done this year.
0.4927 I imagine gaming the system would be quite easy without manual intervention.
0.4767 fiesta en literal bunker de macri BEIBEEE
0.4767 your gf has automatic PR as a aussie, you can either get a partner visa after 6 months living here with her cheers
0.4648 tucuman / barrionuevo PLEASE
0.3612 tie the visa to the employer just like my work visa
0.3612 parent resident visa or something like that
0.3182 I promise to buy the All Whites and make history. Make the All White Qualify for the World Cup Again

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-0.9042 the delay on some updates is a pain in the ass, specially if you use some mods. e.g cqui was broken on linux
-0.802 gaseosas que fueron un aborto desde su concepcion, sin repetir y sin soplar. tiempo en el aire, ya
-0.7003 sin telegrama no estas despedido.
-0.6486 does mouse scrolling being a pain in the ass to configure count? imwheel + your DE's mouse config seems like overkill
-0.6239 phantom lancer != venomancer ffs
-0.5574 they have at least 1 mini guantanamo bay for illegal immigrants.
-0.5423 oh fuck I never though of getting a 4k monitor instead of a tv.
-0.4767 Wrong. They're not issuing more visas at the moment, the old ones are still valid
-0.3182 gg aalready panel curse is op
-0.296 7 dias de merluza, no dormir y ataques de panico en chapadmalal