/u/intothethrowawaywego is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.9274 Love geeky looking guys with nice cocks :) would love to see a vid ;))
0.9248 Your voice is so sexy!! Would love to see you finish sometime :)
0.9153 You're an attractive guy who I'm sure has a super nice cock without having to make it look cartoonishly big like that .
0.8173 Ooh, would love to see more :)
0.8173 Would love to see more :)
0.807 Wow, amazing cock!
0.802 Would love to see it if you PM me :)
0.7964 Much better :) still want those clothes off though ;)
0.7902 Sexy, want to see more :)
0.7778 Perfect cock - so sexy
0.7764 looks so handsome :)

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.5423 You should fuck me with that ...
-0.4939 Sorry, not enough per the rules :(
-0.357 If you post a pic in the comments it won't :)
-0.296 Sigh, you're always going to tease us, aren't you?
-0.25 Come to BK and let me suck on that ;)
-0.2263 Liar, those pants are very much still on in this pic :p
-0.2263 My apt is three blocks away from a subway station...
-0.2263 Want to see no undies :))
-0.2244 Your cock and your face!
0.0 take it out for us :))
0.0 We need more.
0.0 Uhh going very well...