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0.936 Having a poke-nerd roommate is pretty awesome, and I've found some other pokemon loving friends.
0.8885 Oh wow, I'm definitely planning to SR for some legendaries, which I know will definitely be a huge time sink.
0.8486 I think it'd be an interesting spin on things to do this for Ariel, but my school is all about being super bright and colorful and kid-oriented, so I'm not sure that idea would fly.
0.8479 She's my favorite villager so it made me really happy to find out we share a birthday.
0.7901 5/5 quick and super nice! http://www.reddit.com/r/ACTrade/comments/36klx3/lf_tulip_dresser_pansy_table_lucky_clovers_silver/
0.784 Definitely loving it!
0.7814 I love to play up my eyes, but I was feeling a bolder lip today so I went more subtle with them .
0.7461 Yes, I looked like an idiot, but it was really fun.
0.7345 Thanks for the welcome and the advice!
0.7339 I hope I/they help!!
0.7334 Thanks so much :)

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-0.5848 You have a poison safari with Seviper and Swalot!
-0.5574 Given the risk of pregnancy though I doubt I'll be trying it out.
-0.4003 By the way, your safari is fire type with Growlithe and Slugma in the 1st two slots!
-0.3182 You have a ghost safari with Pumpkaboo and Shuppet.
-0.2008 My dad is sort of religious but really strangely against witchcraft, so I wasn't allowed to read it and I was left out of a lot of things because most of my friends are crazy about the series.
0.0 Same here!!
0.0 Can't wait to see the rest!!
0.0 Once Fauna said to me "For a while now I've been thinking about how to live my life on my own terms.
0.0 what exactly are my terms?
0.0 Gates are open now!!
0.0 Give me just a few minutes and then you can come to my town if that works for you.
0.0 I'll add you now & let you know when my gates are open!