/u/ineedmorealts is a total dick!

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0.7845 But Americans still love to act as if being center right makes them the progressive party.
0.6588 This looks great!
0.6369 I'd love to see you talk about that
0.6249 Lol sure you will buddy.
0.5667 I'm not mentally ill because i "do not conform to "the rest of us."" I'm mentally ill because a chemical imbalance in my brain.
0.5106 People have been making fun of flat earthers on and off for years.
0.4939 Why would I care?
0.4767 You can't tell someones level of intelligence solely from their job duties.
0.4576 So yes it still works.
0.4019 Yes I did right here
0.4019 Yes you did.

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-0.872 You claimed to be a proud retard infact. Wait a sec, oh no you said racist not retard.
-0.8316 So the master race is getting fucked by the retard races then?
-0.8126 I ALREADY posted a shit ton of logic and evidence proving my point. You you posted bullshit and claimed it proved your point.
-0.8038 FFS there are conflicting reports of events inside the bible it self.
-0.7717 In fact you have reach such an epic level of retard, that you see non-retards as retards and fall to see that you are the real retard
-0.7717 No, you poor hapless 'tard.
-0.7351 There is no scientific backing for racism.
-0.7351 Oh suck a dick.
-0.7184 Proving that it's a bad argument for you to make
-0.7111 Hey everyone this cunts a pedophile!
-0.7003 No, me ineedmorealts You, dumbass
-0.6705 And I'd bet that you're a humorless cunt.