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0.9468 I didn't know Obama actually won a nobel peace prize, I thought you just meant it would be absurd if he did. I agree that him winning one is absurd.
0.936 I thought he meant it absurd is Obama won a nobel peace prize, I didn't realize that Obama actually did win one
0.8176 It's only when we come together in great numbers that we gain any sort of power or relevance to the world.
0.6597 They gave Trump a ~30% chance of winning.
0.6597 Specifically the math on fivethirtyeight? It gave him a 28% chance of winning, They didn't predict some sort of land slide for Clinton
0.6597 But they gave Trump a 28% chance of winning.
0.6124 Neat, any chance of you merging patches from the community into the main game?
0.5574 ". Also clearly a threat save that text as well.
0.4939 Save the text.
0.4754 you have a very nice dinning room set.
0.4717 If you think it doesn't ruin people's lives, you're nave. It does ruin people lives but not every time and not always to the point of being unrecoverable.

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-0.9584 If you violently take my property from me I have no problem sending men with guns to kill you and take it back So you're just a would be murderer, got it.
-0.9442 He should've gotten way more) but I disagree that's it's worse than murder.
-0.9423 Well yea, murder is a far worse crime than rape.
-0.9136 I think the punishment was bullshit (5 fucking years for years of rape?
-0.886 10 to 1 you're some low level dumbass, high school drop out who get theirs whole understanding out unions and "rights" from shitty youtube videos
-0.8442 Because Taxis are largely shit owning to limited drivers/cars and shitty regulation.
-0.8402 A dead person can't I worded my point poorly but what I'm getting is dead people have a 0% chance of getting better whereas rape victims have a greater than 0% chance.
-0.8077 Well AFAIK this was sexual harassment and sexual harassment is not safe for work
-0.7783 And you're a dumb fuck for thinking I'm pro pedophilia.
-0.7721 Dead people never get better, some times people with PTSD do.
-0.7717 I'd call that a violent tantrum
-0.765 Because of course the only reason a 26 year old would fuck anyone not their own age is because there's something wrong with them