/u/ineedmorealts is a total dick!

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0.6688 Download link: https://mega.nz/#!teYiiYyL!tH7UNUaCTdlJFLJBdSPzpA-_JVdC2pqJIYusG7EDQ-k PLOT You arrive at the summer Camp Pinewood, and realize you're the only man here. Camp full of beautiful girls.
0.6369 Everyone knows that chicken are the best people and outnumber people
0.6369 Well you see unlike the navy the Army doesn't have high standards when it comes to intelligence /further bait
0.631 No they are, but they're doing in the super hard left tankie subs.
0.5994 Not to mention that Trump left him there to rot for a nice long while as well
0.5164 The fact is cops very rarely face assault with firearms
0.5106 Reverse engineering in nice and legal and so is code injection.
0.5106 noip and duckduckgo offer free domain names 2) Never put any IOT any thing on the internet.
0.4939 How many adorable traps do you get Pm'd per day?
0.4939 Yea it pretty much does.
0.4588 Your goal is to find out what's happening in the camp and get laid :) Engine: Unity

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-0.9382 Being murdered for stealing is worse then life in prison
-0.9313 That's fucked up. Yea he deserves to be punished, but he doesn't deserves to be a sex offender for the rest of his life or be lumped in with rapists.
-0.92 Yes, we must salt their fields, rape their daughters, murder their sons and enslave their wives!
-0.9166 Not only is making money as a criminal hard and dangerous but bring a criminal doesn't make you a scum bag. Also again spoken like someone who never had to commit a crime
-0.8957 The issue is not and never was size of government, but rather quality of government. Making a shitty government smaller doesn't make it not shitty.
-0.886 Hell you have for real no shit 3rd world nations inside your country
-0.8661 You "punch a nazi" losers aren't anything like them. In the case of the battle of cable street the entire battle was unneeded.
-0.8271 It's not just you being paranoid bout them no good darkies what is murdering the poor whites all over the place
-0.8122 Inb4 "skooooooool!", encase you didn't realize a lot of schools in crime filled neighborhoods are shit
-0.7845 99% of the time when a stupid kid gets brought up on some minor crime they get off with little more than probation and a stern talking to.
-0.7845 Oh fuck me you're a retard.
-0.765 For some reason "Kill your retard mother" sounds like a punk rock album.