/u/ineedmorealts is kind of a dick.

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0.9531 I understand why I hold the values I do and I imagine that others hold their values. A desire for peace and happiness, improvement of the human races ect.
0.8519 In fact many Muslims go to great lengths to protect their way of life because they cherish it.
0.8204 I feel that I am very better than a great deal of the human race.
0.8122 Enlighten us with your amazing logic!
0.7985 And I'm a tech professional who says meh an Ipad won't kill the kid and will keep them happy
0.765 It was a pleasure talking to you and I hope that one day we speak again
0.743 Or person B hires a lawyer and spends 1000s of dollars only to find out that they'll need to spend tens of thousands of dollars to maybe win and win recover some of their loses from person A
0.7096 God you're amazing.
0.6705 tbh an AC game with shape shifting would be pretty cool
0.6597 Head to /r/linuxquestions or /r/linux4noobs for support or help.
0.6369 Sir you have summed up my feelings perfectly

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-0.9698 It wasn't that a woman was forced to marry her rapist, the logic was that the rapist was forced to marry the woman he raped as a way of taking responsibility for his actions.
-0.9359 It's no more oppressive than a person believing it's okay for the government tax them, murder criminals , and restrict what products they can buy Yup.
-0.9325 Their culture, laws, and society, reflect those beliefs beliefs that cause suffering and pain, that spread death and misery
-0.9201 I fail to see how "These people believe bullshit and based on that bullshit allow themselves to be mistreated and or mistreat others" = white mans burden.
-0.9146 Just because you don't like it, doesn't mean it's shitty. No, the fact it leads to rape, murder, war, hilariously unscientific views and generally shitiness means it's shitty.
-0.9062 Anyone who fights for a system that actively hurts and oppresses them and there country men is either stupid, evil or brain washed.
-0.886 Not to mention the threat of hell fire.
-0.8807 When confuted with the idea that it's immoral to stand by and let people be killed en mass you responded with some nonsense about a child's attempt at a sexual philosophy?
-0.8795 Even Islamic history have him as a warlord, murderer, pedophile and rapist. Also there's nothing stopping him from being an utter cunt and wise.
-0.8761 Secularism is not a direct path human rights. No but it removes the threat of "If you provide X group with rights god will fucking hate you"
-0.8658 And no matter how many laws you break or how much damage you cause remember, this was to stop those freedom hating terrorists O7
-0.8519 I've watched people die of cancer doesn't change my position.