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0.9589 I'm glad you like my videos :D I really appreciate the kind words homie <3
0.9549 Lol but thanks I'm glad you liked it :)
0.9484 thanks :) I love to edit so I'm glad people enjoy it.
0.9451 I'd say overall you're on a great path, Funny commentary, good quality video, nice editing, and bonus points: british lool
0.92 <3 haha yeah Harry Potter is a new addition to the channel that I've been wanting to do for a while and I'm glad people are liking it so far!
0.9177 I dont quite know how to try less hard but if by that you mean go easy on the swearing and stuff I'll do my best, thanks for the feedback Leonard
0.9038 I'll definitely check them out, I make the types of videos I like to watch so I have a feeling I'll enjoy them a lot too :)
0.8977 But yeah thanks for the reply I really appreciate that you took the time to say all that and you've left me with some important things to think about and read :)
0.8955 Wow thanks for this amazing feedback!
0.8934 Hey thanks man I'm glad you liked it enough to stick around :)
0.8932 Thanks for your awesome critique and your kind words!

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-0.7506 oh I just meant in the 'dislike' sense of negative, the video quickly got 2 dislikes after posting.
-0.6827 I've never really played the Lego ones yet but ill have to try them out soon!
-0.674 Duuuuuuuude thats so sick!
-0.649 I hear the play makes it much more enjoyable, but personally I'm just going to take some diluted Swooping Evil venom and be done with it
-0.6322 Wait wtf if they did that would they have 2 hallow cloaks??
-0.624 Sorry again though, I still feel really bad that I didn't mark it correctly and your kid saw that.
-0.5982 I'd pay so damn much for this.
-0.5859 Idk why everyone's hating I think these are pretty sick
-0.5859 He's a motherfucking spider monkey
-0.5719 My crippling depression
-0.5574 Fuck man I always liked the look of steel or brass pipes :( I guess glass is just the way to go
-0.5562 I'm an idiot and forgot to add it in!