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0.9615 It'll get tough but as long as you keep it up you'll do great my dude :) good luck with your goal!
0.9549 Lol but thanks I'm glad you liked it :)
0.9527 I really liked the dynamic between the three of you guys, you seem like a fun crowd to hang with and it shows how chill you guys are with each other :) I liked the video a lot!
0.9508 Usually they're 7-10 minutes :P I'm really glad you liked the video my dude I appreciate the feedback and support :)
0.9311 Your sound, video, and script were all really awesome and I don't really have any negatives to say lol youre doing a great job and im sure you'll be big af by 2018!
0.92 <3 haha yeah Harry Potter is a new addition to the channel that I've been wanting to do for a while and I'm glad people are liking it so far!
0.9098 Thanks man :) I'm glad you enjoyed the video!
0.9038 I'll definitely check them out, I make the types of videos I like to watch so I have a feeling I'll enjoy them a lot too :)
0.902 Hey That was a great video dude, I really liked the jiggly puffs floating in the background lmao.
0.9008 The more you grow, the faster you grow, so that number may look really hard to get to, but as long as you keep on that hustle and passion, I feel like you definitely can do it!
0.8955 Wow thanks for this amazing feedback!

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-0.8446 That's ambitious, but ambition can lead people to crazy places so work hard and kick 2017's ass my dude!
-0.7579 shitty lighting :(
-0.6827 I've never really played the Lego ones yet but ill have to try them out soon!
-0.674 Duuuuuuuude thats so sick!
-0.649 I hear the play makes it much more enjoyable, but personally I'm just going to take some diluted Swooping Evil venom and be done with it
-0.6361 That's really shitty dude I'm sorry about that, I guess the only thing you can do is wait the time, or maybe try calling them and talking it down?
-0.5982 I'd pay so damn much for this.
-0.5859 He's a motherfucking spider monkey
-0.5562 I'm an idiot and forgot to add it in!
-0.5562 They arent that expensive and I think throwing whatever you're reviewing onto that and moving it slowly would be a sick shot!
-0.4588 And also yikes all these people are going a bit savage eh?
-0.4404 I don't think you can :(