/u/imtakinthepissoutofu is kind of a dick.

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0.7096 Can't even build your own house anymore thanks to the English :)
0.6808 Maybe good intentions actually help with this sort of thingLike a placebo effect?
0.6697 Does it look like telling us how leukaemia spreads around the body is going to fucking help anything?
0.6696 What a glorious empire Rome was!
0.6249 Why is this garbage actively promoted to our educated youth.
0.5563 Jigsaw puzzles are more fun than divorces so your point is irrelevant.
0.5423 Couldve been nazis or couldve been aliens we have no fucking idea because its super duper top secret
0.5267 Im the only one in my town to survive the great shaking scourge of 2017.
0.5106 Go back to France you free loading mainlanders
0.4939 I hear Saudi Arabian cities are pretty conservative
0.4926 Rome would be better at governing us than London!

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-0.962 Man, it feels bad that we have all the resources in the world to solve global hunger but liberal fags want to waste their time and money with this brainwashed bullshit :/ feels bad man
-0.8442 Where was your outrage when Obama risked all our lives with global war.
-0.7906 When you fail to snitch you fail society.
-0.7717 Ive been spreading the hillary is a loser and a failure posts since before you were born...
-0.7506 It gets weirder because Byrd's navy fleet returned after receiving heavy fire and being unable to cope with whatever the fuck was shooting at them down there.
-0.7506 Feels bad man :(
-0.7406 Youre definitely not gonna need a huge SUV in the UK and also we're not american so the racism card doesnt have much strength here.
-0.7351 Fuck you its all your fault LONG LIVE THE KING
-0.6601 Cant tell if this if this is reality or just a really good shitpost but either way I am terrified of the consequences for humanity
-0.6597 It's a shame these british islands have lost their celtic heritage because of the marauding English.
-0.6508 Im absolutely horrified why cant I stop shaking SOMEONE STOP THE SHAKINGS PLEASEHELP
-0.6486 It's laughable when people say stupid shit like thiz