/u/imanukeyall is very positive!

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0.9493 <3 Should feel round 700ug I think, regardless you're in for a strong trip :) Let go and have fun, LSD is a beautiful substance!
0.9466 Don't forget it, you are a beautiful, special human being and people care about you. I hope everything works out man, keep your head up :)
0.9403 Have a great time dude, one of my favorites :) sending good vibes <3
0.9286 Sounds pretty good, excited to listen to it later :) thanks for the suggestion!
0.9274 Its like the headspace of LSD but also like being super drunk and super high.
0.926 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
0.9209 I've never tried it myself but it's on the to do list, from what I've read if you enjoy the DXM and LSD experiences on their own you will definitely enjoy the combination.
0.9164 Skiing is my absolute *favorite* thing to do, and I'm sure it would be a wonderful experience with the help of lucy :) have fun!!!!!!
0.9118 A manic episode normally entails feeling strangely good, like, unaturally euphoric and happy.
0.906 Love you OP <3 You're beautiful!
0.8946 Thanks for the kind words, I've felt a little better recently but I think that time is gonna be the best way to get over this.

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-0.91 I've been there too, existential depression is the worst kind of depression.
-0.7717 And everyone knows how bad heroin is.
-0.7506 It was bad enough on just 15mg :(
-0.7096 That time however I had no cannabiss on me and I've since found that smoking on the come down basically nullifies the negative effects, at least for me.
-0.6892 Damn man thats ridiculously accurate!!
-0.6444 Sometimes everything seems so gray and dead to me and I want to do absolutely nothing else other than sit in my room and get high and watch youtube all day.
-0.6321 Weed doesn't seem to make it worse but not any better either, same with alcohol.
-0.6174 Holy fuck you ate a gram of hash???
-0.6124 No worries mate pineapples are dank.
-0.5994 No problem dude.
-0.594 How bad exactly was it??
-0.5913 Yeah, I feel like one of the defining traits of LSD itself is not really knowing whats going on but in that particular set and setting it got really bad.