/u/icc0ld is kind of a dick.

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0.8399 You have a population of people who have not had suicidal ideation and do not posses known risk factors for suicidal ideation.
0.802 It is in their best interest.
0.7778 I am quite comfortable discussing the topic at hand and staying on topic.
0.7733 I love how he pretends his history doesn't have a shit load of me in it.
0.7476 Sometimes I forget I'm lucky to have actually been loved and provided a meaningful education and that not everyone has a chance to have either of those things.
0.6792 Congrats on making the **exact same conclusion that the papers I linked came to**. You can't even disagree with me likely because you don't fundamentally know how to.
0.6537 I just find it weird that they can't workout/get motivated/make yourself that better person without declaring war on the perceived cause.
0.6249 An absolute masterpiece.
0.6124 The NRA couldn't "debunk" a paper bag. Calling them studies is giving them too much credit.
0.6124 Post will prolly trigger the shit out of them
0.6067 but but but muh guns don't hurt nobody!

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-0.9401 a gun control study about gun violence missed the point by not talking about cancer death or heart attacks or knife wounds or car accidents.
-0.9356 No more expect a knife murder to be effected by a gun law than I would expect a rape law.
-0.9236 Its not okay to be outraged by gun violence but some how its not okay to be outraged over an illegitimate, compromised and corrupt president. Thanks retard police.
-0.9136 Again, you seem to have problems with not separating out non suicidal people from suicidal people to which you have only eluded to.
-0.9062 Who knows when I'll have to verbally assault some poor unfortunate gun owner
-0.8885 Nah man, Japan has the most amount of sucides therefore that makes your point about a lack of gun violence with a lack of guns invalid
-0.8779 You have a DGU subreddit known for telling people to kill their victims while inflating their numbers with terrible dgus and "look up vegetarianrobots napkin math".
-0.875 You still haven't said how you're going separate the non suicidal from the suicidal.
-0.8442 The sad fact of the matter is that gunnits demand that we assume and awknowledge everyone as a responsible gun owner which he was right up until he killed someone.
-0.8442 They speak of success in suicide attempts and conflate the choice of method to the act itself. Well suicide is defined as the act of intentionally causing one's own death.
-0.8402 You are constantly implying that crime legitimizes being killed by the police.
-0.8402 Even then the more brain washed and stupid ones will pervert the memory of the victims to further their agenda