/u/icc0ld is kind of a dick.

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0.891 DGUs are inherently seen as good and heroic. I mean, you are here pretending they make up a significant enough amount of incidents and good use to warrant their existence.
0.8837 I'm no fucking Sun Tzu but I'm pretty sure he'd say "don't copy the losers of a war".
0.8625 This like rats fleeing a perfectly good ship to jump on the sinking one.
0.8555 They will be given a special forum group to help them communicate better with Wargamings community teams as well as with each other. And
0.8481 Yeah, i'm pretty sure its like previous games in that regard.
0.8479 Long been of the opinion if/when Star Citizen comes out it will be absolutely amazing, hands down a great game for years to come and I'll jump right on it.
0.8384 When I heard ages and ages ago you could fly ships in SC I thought it was a case "it's mostly done and we are happy like this" or at the very least a very stable bed to build off.
0.8169 Very fair points made. I want to spring board off these examples to point out that Mass Effect was a game that focused quite clearly on two core concepts.
0.8074 Thanks for agreeing with me :)
0.8074 If you love star wars and love comedy go watch Space Balls right now
0.743 Sounds like a dream come true

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-0.8934 The 10 states with the weakest gun laws collectively have an aggregate level of gun violence that is 3.2 times higher than the 10 states with the strongest gun laws**.
-0.8807 You're either a dumb ass or you're lying to make your point more credible.
-0.875 Suspended for threatening, harassing and interfering with other communities.
-0.8735 We can play "if"s and "I suppose" all day but at the end of the day World Of Tanks threatened to file a false DMCA copyright strike, something that is actually illegal.
-0.8664 Threatening to and filing false copyright claims specifically to silence opinion is not only immoral, it's illegal No one is arguing they should let him stay on their community contributors
-0.8519 If I was to hazard a guess, it seems that suicidal gun owners are dying off thereby reducing the total population of gun owners faster than guns are actually being brought by new owners.
-0.8501 Sorry coffin stuffers but you don't make the best front-line soldiers The next problem is the logistics.
-0.8464 Like most victims of gun violence they get ignored too
-0.836 It even notes the the exact figure is disputed because this is a document talking about the priorities for CDC to research in relation to gun violence evidenced here:
-0.8289 And while this correlation does not prove a causal relationship between stronger gun laws and fewer gun deaths, the link between stronger gun laws and lower rates of gun violence cannot be ignored
-0.8201 Not only that but a declining gun owner population is irrelevant to the fact that the presence of a firearm in the home is a strong risk factor for suicide.
-0.8176 "It's called Priorities for Research to Reduce the Threat of Firearm-Related Violence" Exact qoute btw follows