/u/icc0ld is kind of a dick.

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0.8658 Even without highlighting it looks pretty nice on the table top. Good job on your first Imp Fist btw.
0.8074 More accurately it feels like a victim of Chris Robert's success who has pretty much not delivered a game on time in over a decade.
0.7964 I sincerely doubt he's gonna be doing anything with that musket beyond holding it fondly in hands and pretending he's defending the people of the USA and save them from the tyranny.
0.7906 He's been trying to dox me over the last few days lol Also I love how he mentions the conclusion which actually isn't refuting me at all.
0.7351 I found the thread he mentioned http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/topic/289906-heresy-era-imperial-fists-metallic-colour-scheme/ Lots of washing but seems pretty solid to try
0.7269 Wow. He sure spends a lot of time refreshing my posts for some reason
0.7063 It's not unlike giving a child who loves sweets $1000 dollars to spend in a candy store.
0.7048 This is the least believable thing since the "not a muslim ban" ban.
0.7003 I've made it pretty clear I'm not posting public personal info and you won't seem to take the hint.
0.6808 We are working to figure out how we can continue to support the creative community without negatively impacting our players What utter garbage.
0.6249 This sub is great.

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-0.9392 I greatly doubt that 15k gun murders would turn into 15k knife murders because the absolute lethality of a gun.
-0.886 Finally, when they realized that being stupid and racist was falling out of vogue, they started a crusade to strip us of our gun rights.
-0.8777 If the net effect of more gun carrying is that violent crime is elevated, then RTC laws seem much less appealing.
-0.8658 Cop straight up murders a dude for the crime of a broken tail light while following instructions
-0.8555 Chuck a fire bomb or enchant with fire or use a fire spell.
-0.8294 You complain about calls of racism but you have your subreddit creator spreading it and to top it all [**crying racism on someone else for pointing out his own racism**].
-0.8197 There is so much horrifically wrong with this I can't even start
-0.8052 Plenty of thriving democracies have no gun rights and do not desire gun rights.
-0.8012 You have Sanders giving inflammatory speeches calling Trump "perhaps the worst and most dangerous president in the history of our country". Ah yes, pretend plays and brutal photo shoots!
-0.795 There is a narrative coming out from the left that it is okay to attack people for having a different opinion than you Where is this violence you ask?
-0.7797 But you wouldnt want to advocate that treatment without considering how many lives would be lost by exposing so many to radiation damage.
-0.7766 Why isn't the NRA following their standards for this injustice against a gun owner?