/u/icc0ld is kind of a dick.

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0.8393 So when Free speech can top that, then we can talk about all the comparisons and restrictions on "free speech" you want
0.8136 I mean, loyalist gun owners wanna pretend the NRA isn't a terrorist group but they sure seem to be going out of their way to act like them
0.807 Honestly, you should feel shame for even digging this up but I'd rather laugh at the fact you prolly never bothered to actually read this \
0.7906 [Case in point and a perfect example of why guns and free speech don't mix too well] Some of them can literally not control themselves
0.7745 Free speech doesn't need defending if it isn't under attack But hey, don't let that stop you from siding with a group advocating genocide.
0.7111 That's cool but you should really be nicer to your mum.
0.7054 Free speech wasn't under attack.
0.6808 Like wise, I doubt you talk like this to anyone in real life.
0.6705 Glad you can agree with that notion.
0.6599 You clearly did not read or failed to understand my point.
0.6369 I love how u/postholes4ever is in the thread and responding to the OP the minute this post went up.

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-0.9561 All MAD did was create a situation in which everyone suffered horrific death in it's failure which nearly happened.
-0.9524 That means you are more likely to be assaulted in a burglary that you are to commit suicide or get killed by your own gun. And there were 545,000 actions of harm involving guns.
-0.9169 Cars, planes, trains all get a free pass to call it what it is but you call it an assault rifle and holy fuck, you'd think it's some sort of mating call for gun humpers
-0.9147 You're really going to blame the victims what should be catagorised as a terrorist attack.
-0.9081 Meaning that you're more than twice as likely to be shot, killed or the victim of a criminal wielding a gun.
-0.886 The tragedy of the commons Because a few are exploiting it the vast majority are suffering for it.
-0.8481 Stop being an apologist snowflake for dangerous and violent religion
-0.8436 All my studies, facts and arguments are now totally defeated by arguments about semantics!
-0.8271 Has anybody been killed for insulting Islam and/or leaving Islam?
-0.7906 Calling this data is embarrassment and you should actually read it instead of googling what I'd call the worst academic journal I've ever read.
-0.7845 Wtf is wrong with you?
-0.7845 It still isn't topping **545,000** incidents of criminal and negligent harm involving guns