/u/iamnotburgerking is kind of a dick.

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0.7742 So Spino might have the agility advantage in here. Still won't be a sure or easy win for Spino, though.
0.7263 Thanks for appreciating Buffalo as what they really are: native powerhouses!
0.5574 ...except the "wasteland" may well have been the natural habitat there
0.4939 Until you rub it one too many times and it rips your hand off.
0.4588 Nevertheless I can't see Spino being smarter than an orca.
0.4404 Looks better IMHO
0.4019 Yes I know it has tiny punchers so is extremely venomous.
0.4019 In the cladistic sense, yes
0.4019 It's more that the harpy eagle has shorter wings because it relies of active, powered flight in thick vegetation.
0.3947 The fish they eat can be rather large, so they have robust teeth. Giant otters have been recorded eating fish over 5 feet long.
0.3818 Give him some credit.

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-0.8514 Pythons are extremely stealthy. This is the most dangerous thing a python has ever killed and eaten, however.
-0.8201 That does happen, but they usually kill large prey without being near a cliff.
-0.8096 Yeah...he was so tired at this point that he keeled over and died.
-0.7906 I thought you were saying eagles were incapable of killing large animals
-0.7783 It may have attended the funeral, or smelled the dead body
-0.6808 Anything by two steps from hell
-0.6705 The biggest thing golden eagles have killed are young cattle over 200lb, however.
-0.6705 Even 6ft arapaima have been killed and eaten.
-0.6597 They're been observed killing adults
-0.6486 Dead trees are major resources for wildlife
-0.5945 Second, it was filmed within his crazy mantis shrimp aquarium system , so breaks the "no pets" rule. Deleted.
-0.5719 Haast's eagles are terrifying. Golden eagles are lighter than harpies