/u/iamnotburgerking is kind of a dick.

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0.6705 Pretty sure I've seen other cases, some of which also involve morays
0.6682 Better to release the big breeding fish, and eat medium-sized ones. Especially since huge halibut aren't that common.
0.659 Look up *Neobarretia spinosa* also a known gecko-eater), *Cophiphora rhinoceros*, and the most awesome of all: *Saga pedo* and *S.
0.5994 So anything from BJWT is bad, and it's best to avoid Big Cat Rescue as well.
0.5859 Dams: NOT clean energy at all
0.5413 Not so adorable when it's eating a scorpion
0.4404 "Domestication" means "selectively bred to be useful to humans".
0.4404 Both tanks have a definite top predator, it seems
0.4019 Yes you can train fish.
0.3612 In other words: saying "snakes are lizards" is NOT like saying "whales are monkeys".
0.3612 They act exactly like wild mink or captive-bred and tamed mink.

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-0.8074 Apparently you severely underestimates how much damage sharks can do. Large sharks can bite humans in half just by mouthing them out of curiosity.
-0.7964 A robber fly kills a female dragonfly as she is having sex
-0.7518 The Chinese paddlefish is extinct. The Yangtze was so fucked over that pretty much every large animal in and around it is threatened to some degree
-0.6908 They will storm colonies of *other hornets* and kill all of them.
-0.6808 He at least has enough common sense to know when to get the hell out of there.
-0.6808 Holy hell this is big news. Also: Cuban boas aren't found in the pet trade, so I'll assume that the poaching happens for food and possibly persecution.
-0.6808 Hell most cats are known cannibals.
-0.6597 Who says you're shooting the pack that did the killing, though?
-0.6486 "Forage" can indicate foraging for living or dead prey.
-0.6272 I wouldn't really trust that , unless we have some evidence to suspect deliberate release.
-0.6124 No, YOU are misunderstanding what I said.
-0.5994 Eels seem to be the undisputed masters of the death roll, more so than crocodiles