/u/iamnotburgerking is kind of a dick.

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0.7906 All 5 species you mentioned are good candidates. Great white: I'll probably bet on this.
0.7579 Hammerhead : easily the most agile shark in the lineup, and great hammerheads prey heavily on rays and other sharks.
0.6249 They act like house cats....except for sounding weird AF and weighing 25-30 pounds. Fun fact: caracal can jump 10 feet vertically to catch flying birds.
0.6124 You can catch a newborn feral puppy and train it and it will act like a pet dog, but if you don't, it will act like an undomesticated animal, despite being domesticated.
0.6017 As you said: lions won't bother to finish off prey that is already beyond saving, but eat it alive.
0.5859 Which is far more than can be said for other hammerheads, since the great hammerhead at least has non-fatal attacks to its credit.
0.5346 Eats relatively large prey Tiger shark: not as mobile or powerful as a great white, but is up there.
0.522 You don't dominate an ecosystem by being smarter, you do it through your sheer ecological presence.
0.5106 If domestic dogs inherently enjoyed being pets, we wouldn't have to train them at all.
0.5106 Pretty much every video of hyenas eating prey alive, for example, features very large prey or exhausted prey.
0.5106 And just how many examples do you honestly want?

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-0.9245 Killer whale still works....dolphins including orcas are whales. And "orca" means "whale from hell" which is even more insulting
-0.8481 Domestic dogs are just as bad as domestic cats to wildlife. Dogs also kill wildlife
-0.8481 Lions can and do choke out buffalo if the occasion demands, so it is false that they have trouble choking out buffalo.
-0.8294 All your arguments about how "less dominant predators need to kill prey so they don't get their kills stolen" don't work here.
-0.8126 They are the ones doing the stealing, not the ones having their kills stolen. So by your logic, why would lions benefit as much as leopards or cougars in being able to silence prey quickly?
-0.7845 Fire stick farming killed off every single large land animal in Australia.
-0.7717 Poor thing probably died.
-0.7678 Most of the time their prey is so tired that it is incapacitated.
-0.765 Brown trout and rainbows are much worse in this regard. And nobody kills them.
-0.7506 "Animals too large to choke" and "incapacitated prey" also apply equally to other predators.
-0.7351 If anything hyenas have the incentive to use strangulation, but instead they opted for social defence of a kill and disposing of food rapidly.
-0.7269 Fuck whoever came up with this week's battle idea