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0.9153 It will provide you a great insight into the community and sub-culture. I hope your assignment brings you many adventures alongside the knowledge you gain from it.
0.9117 Super happy to hear this and happy to have you here!
0.8883 Even better of an adventure, scratch what I said and try to have a good time and make friends!
0.8658 I am happy you have found a community that loves and accepts you because you are yourself.
0.864 The ending was very light and enjoyable, DJ's like these kind of endings - it makes any track coming in sound that much more powerful. Don't ever stop making music.
0.8585 Happy Halloween /r/furry furs! I love how this came out hothead!
0.8555 I love seeing fresh content and questions being asked and good conversations being had - this post was this redditors first post to /r/furry.
0.8494 http://www.furaffinity.net/view/13358360/ Would love to see what you can do with mine :D
0.8271 I recommend trying to room with furs you know, or who are friends of friends.
0.8172 I changed the little icon image and hoped it would update, Merry Christmas to you as well!
0.7845 Loved the video :)

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-0.5994 My top 5 artists right now: Big Wild Flume LissA Kill Paris The Septembers
-0.5908 Though, sadly, I use a mac now most of the time and never get to play it.
-0.5411 Nope :( sorry!
-0.3404 It doesn't feel like it was long ago that it was 10k!
-0.34 This is crazy detailed, do you have a source?
-0.34 Please avoid spam posts.
-0.3195 Please avoid posting not safe for work topics such as this.
-0.1761 Extremely hard for most furs on mobile to see.
-0.1531 I miss art prompt's.
-0.1511 Sorry you have had a rough start of the month, time heals all!
-0.1027 You know them :o
0.0 I am actually a Boston fur.