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0.9639 Wow thanks for being so generous :) I'd really like Brothers - A Tale of Two Sone I have been eyeing it for quite a while, because it caught my interest.
0.9512 Thank you OP for this amazing giveaway, and good luck to all who enter :D
0.9416 :) Thanks OP and good luck to everyone :D
0.9337 My favourite is Curiosity because like me, it sings Happy Birthday to itself every year :) Thanks for the giveaway OP :)
0.9086 Would love this game! Thanks OP :D
0.9006 230 Spelunky please :) if not possible, any other steam game would be awesome, I don't use origin Thanks OP :D
0.8916 happy birthday :D ty OP!
0.8916 1666 Thanks OP :D Congrats on global! Edit for trade link: https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=223800465&token=82L7XanN
0.8858 729 The Talos Principle please Thanks OP and good luck to everyone!
0.8738 Borderlands 2 GOTY please :D TY OP!
0.8648 I absolutely love playing Terarria with my friends on PC.

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-0.5719 237 Always be sure of what you are trading away, and what you are getting to avoid scams.
-0.5719 I hate the texture and the seafood-y taste.
-0.5267 Not a dead body ;)
-0.4588 Is would be interesting to see what that person would do when they suspect that no one knows that they exist. Edit: Ghost as in not noticed by anyone.
-0.4404 Got the "You are doing this too much" message :(
-0.1779 Pen clicking :) people hate me
0.0 The silver color comes from rhodium plating.
0.0 The nib itself is made of gold, just the plating is that silver color.
0.0 This does not in any way affect the function of the nib.
0.0 #[HAI TAI]
0.0 Must be new to Reddit.
0.0 They are way overpriced, and the one in picture is is almost 2000 with a GTX 980.