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0.9639 Wow thanks for being so generous :) I'd really like Brothers - A Tale of Two Sone I have been eyeing it for quite a while, because it caught my interest.
0.9512 Thank you OP for this amazing giveaway, and good luck to all who enter :D
0.9416 :) Thanks OP and good luck to everyone :D
0.9337 My favourite is Curiosity because like me, it sings Happy Birthday to itself every year :) Thanks for the giveaway OP :)
0.9086 Would love this game! Thanks OP :D
0.9008 something awesome, Thanks OP :D
0.9006 230 Spelunky please :) if not possible, any other steam game would be awesome, I don't use origin Thanks OP :D
0.8916 happy birthday :D ty OP!
0.8916 1666 Thanks OP :D Congrats on global! Edit for trade link: https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=223800465&token=82L7XanN
0.8858 729 The Talos Principle please Thanks OP and good luck to everyone!
0.8738 Borderlands 2 GOTY please :D TY OP!

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-0.5719 237 Always be sure of what you are trading away, and what you are getting to avoid scams.
-0.5719 I hate the texture and the seafood-y taste.
-0.5267 Not a dead body ;)
-0.4588 Is would be interesting to see what that person would do when they suspect that no one knows that they exist. Edit: Ghost as in not noticed by anyone.
-0.4404 Got the "You are doing this too much" message :(
-0.1779 Pen clicking :) people hate me
0.0 #[HAI TAI]
0.0 Must be new to Reddit.
0.0 They are way overpriced, and the one in picture is is almost 2000 with a GTX 980.
0.0 Visit /r/buildapc or the [wiki build list].
0.0 5375 Bought 14 revolver cases when they were around $3-4.
0.0 I don't understand how people eat crab.