/u/hysterical_cub is very positive!

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0.8497 Mind if you explain where you found this group of "plushophiles"? Because our skype group is very loving and caring of all genders!!
0.8306 Super cute!!!
0.795 haha, his paws are adorable!!!
0.7946 Welcome to the sub-reddit, I hope you feel right at home!!! Oh my!
0.7905 I've planned an evening of dinner and a movie plus snuggling, then a little romantic moment in the bed of course, just like she likes it!
0.7901 I treat them with respect, even though they are not flesh and blood, I like to think of them as embodying my emotions, whether it be good emotions or bad ones!
0.7901 If you truly feel like your plushie is for you, embrace it!
0.7772 Sounds like he loves his cleaning!!
0.7574 You'll feel a lot better, trust me!
0.7424 please do, it's my pleasure!
0.7424 haha, cute!

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-0.8089 too bad I'm allergic and don't care
-0.7845 Is no one going to mention how cheese can kill rodents?
-0.6369 **Redneck version**: cut a giant ass hole in the back of a costco bear, then take yer friend and tie that fucker up like your first buck of the season.
-0.5598 But maud looks so unhappy
-0.4813 pony butts are hard to not notice XP
-0.4767 poor Lyra...
-0.4588 **Please remember to flag your posts nsfw, or we will be forced to remove it.
-0.4545 as someone who runs this sub, I look forward to everyone's posts no matter who or what they are about!!!
-0.4482 I don't think I've seen the rear end of that plush, but you can always just cut a hole in the fabric, and modify it that way!
-0.296 Oh no, it was a group decision.
0.0 Could you explain what you have in mind?
0.0 Basically this https://i.imgur.com/0vtYMwz.jpg