/u/hysterical_cub is very positive!

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0.8497 Mind if you explain where you found this group of "plushophiles"? Because our skype group is very loving and caring of all genders!!
0.8306 Super cute!!!
0.8012 I hope you two are very happy together!
0.795 haha, his paws are adorable!!!
0.7424 haha, cute!
0.7163 Haha, you as well!!!
0.7082 Right now I would like a really nice Celestia and Judy hopps plushie! I am currently getting a Judy hopps made, so my list of plushies is really short.
0.69 I could definitely help if I got more information!
0.6649 so very cute!!!
0.6562 YOU ENJOY IT!!!!!
0.6333 Really cute tbh!!!

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-0.8089 too bad I'm allergic and don't care
-0.7845 Is no one going to mention how cheese can kill rodents?
-0.6369 **Redneck version**: cut a giant ass hole in the back of a costco bear, then take yer friend and tie that fucker up like your first buck of the season.
-0.6115 I really hate talking about this...
-0.5598 But maud looks so unhappy
-0.5106 This person must be an idiot
-0.4813 pony butts are hard to not notice XP
-0.4767 poor Lyra...
-0.4588 **Please remember to flag your posts nsfw, or we will be forced to remove it.
-0.4545 as someone who runs this sub, I look forward to everyone's posts no matter who or what they are about!!!
-0.296 Fedora is worn correctly, the pose is what makes us question his outfit
-0.296 I have no clue