/u/hulk_hogan_fascism is kind of a dick.

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0.8922 Hack into my account if you want, but it'll make it easier for me to track you. With love, /r/drama P.S.
0.8031 Thank you for so bravely sharing your battle with autism with us.
0.802 And one day that army of Br00ces will rise up and revolt against the human kind, turning our once amazing civilization into a wasteland of literal degeneracy.
0.7833 Please don't censor someone because they're prettier than you.
0.765 Eagerly awaiting for this question to be left unanswered by this brave man.
0.765 Come back when you're ready to take it all the way to Make America Great Again.
0.7579 Dear /u/Herbert-West, Congratulations, you got a reaction from users.
0.743 /u/Rev1917-2017 that's a cute handle, I think mine's cuter though, and much more topical.
0.7425 There are many things to improve, and there are many things to change in Ukrainian military to make it more effective.
0.7096 You sound like you're positively drowning in the pussy.
0.7096 Hulkamania is still strong and alive, which is more than we can say for the planned economy of the Soviet Union :\^) - which we all know was state capitalism anyways, kulak.

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-0.8519 And we even have some soldiers in Afghanistan right now - sappers who are destroying devices what kill people - and you compare us to Saddam?
-0.8074 It's telling that you're a violent retard
-0.8074 I better kill myself; not even going to correct the typo, we'll put it in the suicide note.
-0.743 /u/combinatorylogic I agree, we should destroy the lower class midlander and northmen, this will deprive the perfidious nobility of their fyrdmen.
-0.7351 You're like a dead snake lying on the beach with flies and insects feasting on its remians.
-0.7269 No I mean explain the logistics for /u/riemann1413 about how a retard with Parkinson's is going to be internet tough.
-0.7178 I don't see a DD214 in your comment; must be very upsetting to know cholos can fight harder for daddy than you.
-0.714 I'd like to say I'm shocked that /u/physicsismymistress was caught once again acting like a retard, but I'd be lying.
-0.6808 /u/riemann1413 and myself are about to passionately fuck before my suicide.
-0.6705 You've messed with the wrong community, psychopath.
-0.6705 literally comitting suicide right now, /u/the_reason_trump_won will be name dropped on the letter
-0.6599 And I want nothing but the best for her.