/u/hulk_hogan_fascism is kind of a dick.

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0.7906 We're only two twitter rampages away from Supreme Justice Hulk Hogan boys, get fucking hype. \
0.7351 Also like, did they not notice Trever Noah's desk rise 6 inches when Trump won the election?
0.6705 Do you introduce yourself as a 'technical' virgin or take the safer 'not-like-other-girls' route at parties?
0.6597 He better get ready to put some ice up on it
0.6124 /u/DBSN_Reddit_Version this is a bold new world we live in, it is after all, $_CURRENT_YEAR. This brave new world is very rough on the shy, elusive NEET.
0.5994 Wew lad https://www.reddit.com/r/Anarchism/comments/5i5xa0/rleftwithsharpedge_is_made_subredditoftheday/db5r2jz/ lmao nerds
0.5719 At least with /u/pol__invictus__risen I know I can trade tips and tricks on how best to kidnap and cannibalize fat hookers.
0.5574 Looking at your post history I can tell by your unfettered faggotry that you'll fit in around these parts well.
0.5478 I won't deny that. I just won't settle for a NEET virgin shitlord like /u/aonome
0.5256 You're a trainwreck and I deeply admire that.
0.5187 Yes but your debilitating autism and post history implies you have the motor skills and social abilities of a 14 year old.

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-0.8779 /u/EVILGR33NRNGR you can stick it in /u/EvanHarper crooked and fuck that fat slut to death, God Speed.
-0.8779 Girls, Just because you've killed a few transexual hookers in Amsterdam, New Orleans, Bangkok, Hue City, Singapore and Detroit, does not make you a serial murderer.
-0.8316 Fuck you whore.
-0.8201 This is spicy, but the fact that you are so terminally autistic that you went back to gloat after a 72 hour mute means I must ask you to delete your account and this post, and then kill yourself.
-0.7964 /u/Gardar15 I have but one question, when I mail the video to your family of me feeding you your own fingers before ritually killing you in Mar's name; do they prefer VHS or DVD?
-0.7925 Schumer is a pig I wouldn't even grace with a ritual murder
-0.7717 Yes but I was going to use my feminine wiles to have him read out your name then kill himself on a live stream.
-0.7717 Its time to kill yourself faggot and quit gracefully.
-0.765 *When he gets to the gates of Hel,* *To Loki he will tell;* *Just another cancerous retard reporting in Sir,* *I've wasted my time making other peoples' lives hell.*
-0.7572 We say this a lot around here, but you *are* fucking retarded.
-0.743 this stopped me from killing myself
-0.7096 This is the equivalent of screaming into a pillow because you're angry.