/u/hulk_hogan_fascism is kind of a dick.

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0.8885 Everyone needs help from time to time mate; it's like finding a bull for you and your wife - they're just there to help you reach a pleasurable goal you can't reach on your own.
0.8738 Yawn. Got anything not retarded and boring to share for once lover?
0.8519 Honestly this 'hard to get' act is just not doing it for me love, I'm not getting any younger and I can't chase the bussy like I used to.
0.8393 But first please confirm you are over the age of 16 because atm you're sounding like a 14 year old fucking tryhard lmao.
0.836 Freedom won.
0.8289 You are positively ripe for emotional exploitation. Also don't actually kill yourself jfc.
0.8271 You sure do care about the internet you claim not to care about.
0.8225 You of course, wouldn't grasp any of this because you eat crayons and clap your hands together like an inbred seal. One day I wish to be as brave as you :\^)
0.7964 Kisses lover.
0.7964 Keep yourself safe love.
0.7626 I'd be impressed at this autistic sleuthing if I wasn't so alarmed; are you okay?

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-0.9062 Holy shit /u/ComedicSans this is one dense mother fucker. Listen, retard, I just spelt it out for you in felt fucking markers.
-0.8655 Talk about lost when your country has been completely destroyed in world war.
-0.8614 Nice rage downvote faggot bahaha, don't go swimming love.
-0.8402 Again that's a retarded presumption to make. Stop dying on a hill; I'm not saying he's right or wrong.
-0.8152 Thank you for your service. The only thing that was a more acute threat to my well-being was /u/Hedonopoly being a dried, crackling cunt who doesn't enjoy a solid shitpost.
-0.7964 No I think the fact that his views can and have manifested in violent action by persons who listen to him there exists a legal argument.
-0.7893 Imagine being so colossally retarded you manage to get yourself banned from /r/drama.
-0.7574 The regime's facade had been starting to break under the combined retard strength of both the West and the USSR for a while. Japan was too fucking retarded to realize they had lost though.
-0.7506 All this "hey lets go into Afganistan to fight for US" is bullshit.
-0.7351 When was the last war fought on American soil?
-0.7269 There's even a slapfight over the Civil War and some brave retard claiming that the Axis in WWII had no designs on Europe or the Atlantic.
-0.7184 [It's worse than we thought fam] - apparently telling a retard there's something called civil law is actually explaining legal theory to him.