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0.8036 They have far more motivation to sabotage Qatar because of Qatar's open support for Hamas, and they certainly have the ability and opportunity to hack into Qatar's news organizations.
0.7906 Sounds great, being confined to an area the size of NYC for the rest of your life, but you get a wife, kids, a job, free electricity.
0.7783 In this case they haven't even found a crime that was committed, unless you count Trump being elected as that crime.
0.7351 Maybe all of those 17 intelligence agencies have completely brick walled him, but I bet he has 'spies' in his own intelligence agencies to find out what is really going on.
0.7184 In Palestine the Jews occupy the best land and equally important control the water.
0.7096 And you can thank Obama for making the GWOT a kinder and gentler war that even the progressives can support.
0.7003 That is great life those young people growing up in Gaza have to look forward to.
0.6436 So for your dad, politics is more important than friendship.
0.6369 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_journalists_killed_in_Russia give credit where credit is due.
0.6369 Please, you can do better than that.
0.6369 The comments here show why pushing the Russian thing is the best media money maker to come along in a long while.

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-0.8885 And if a few percent of Gazans are involved in Rocket attacks against Israel, why are the other 95% punished and confined to that hell hole.
-0.8462 I have to admit I'm not that smart. The incompetence of Obama's foreign policy has sown chaos across the Middle East which will be hugely costly for America.
-0.8447 Whats is wrong with those Gazans for not appreciating how good they got it, just no snacks in the afternoon.
-0.8442 Your statement only makes sense if you think that lifting sanctions on ~~the evil empire~~ Russia is in and of itself a treasonous act.
-0.8042 This is so bizarre you can't make this shit up.
-0.7783 When someone is murdered you know a crime has been committed.
-0.7783 *If* you assume that the NSA was monitoring all of Trump campaigns' communications with Russia, then any illegal activity discovered would be passed along to the FBI for prosecution.
-0.7783 My first reaction was why the hell did the police have no comment.
-0.765 when close to half of the US Congress are treasonous, perhaps that's the time to change your definition of treason.
-0.75 The GOP is so incompetent at elections that they don't know how to dig up dirt on their own and sling it at their opponent.
-0.7351 They forgot everything they knew from the last election in 2012 where they accused Obama of being everything from a communist, to a Muslim, to a racist, to a dictator?
-0.7351 If you give a rat's ass about either Obama's or Trump's golf playing you are stupider than a a bag of hammers.