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0.7783 In this case they haven't even found a crime that was committed, unless you count Trump being elected as that crime.
0.7351 Maybe all of those 17 intelligence agencies have completely brick walled him, but I bet he has 'spies' in his own intelligence agencies to find out what is really going on.
0.6997 So it would be more useful to look at the growth of the entire region that is within commuting distance of NYC.
0.6486 If the USD rose 40% in the last year would you not say the US economy is doing "pretty well" in 2017 ?
0.6369 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_journalists_killed_in_Russia give credit where credit is due.
0.6369 Please, you can do better than that.
0.6369 The comments here show why pushing the Russian thing is the best media money maker to come along in a long while.
0.6249 Well at least we can have an intelligent discussion here with all the grownups.
0.6249 Globalism would be great if was done democratically.
0.6115 It is interesting that [Alexei Navalny is a Russian nationalist] who would likely be no more friendly to the West than is Putin.
0.5859 You guys are as busy as the Birthers were during Obama's term and will be just as successful.

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-0.9153 That civil war in Chechnya was unfortunately bloody, as civil wars often are.
-0.8873 Of course people will talk of war crimes, but charges have not been brought against Putin or any other Russian officials in the ICJ concerning that war.
-0.8762 Putin is no more of a war criminal than Tony Blair, George W.
-0.8705 Kerry's and Power's over the top outrage at Russia's bombing of Aleppo reveals their own guilt in being complicit in this tragedy.
-0.8591 If your government doesn't know what is going on in the war I'd get the hell out of there as soon as possible.
-0.8462 I have to admit I'm not that smart. The incompetence of Obama's foreign policy has sown chaos across the Middle East which will be hugely costly for America.
-0.8442 Your statement only makes sense if you think that lifting sanctions on ~~the evil empire~~ Russia is in and of itself a treasonous act.
-0.8442 Of course the point is that 'unlawful combatant; is a made up term during the Afghan and Iraq wars to avoid following the rule of law for captured prisoners.
-0.8381 The Republican congress could easily shut down Obama's war mongering, but because they are both cowards and support even more war mongering, they refuse to do so.
-0.8283 Their miscalculation that Assad would soon fall has prolonged this war and suffering of the Syrian people for at least a couple of years.
-0.8042 This is so bizarre you can't make this shit up.
-0.7967 OTOH if you are on an open field with a elephant that wants to kill you there is not much hope for you.