/u/hoomanwho is kind of a dick.

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0.8405 It is kind of like Obama getting the Nobel peace prize after a few months in office, only because GWB was gone.
0.836 There are only 3 cases that are legal 1) as an act of self defense, 2) invited by a sovereign country to help defend themselves or 3) military action approved by the UN Security council.
0.8294 Your snarky response is rather insulting, we all want people to be free, but that takes long term commitment, perseverance and some intelligence.
0.8104 This actually is a pretty easy puzzle as long as you are not color blind.
0.7698 The Philippines brought the suite to the Hague with very strong encouragement from the US.
0.7285 You sir get the prize for the most jingoistic kick ass American response yet, but you're still being played like a fiddle.
0.6908 Lucky you guys are on to him, keep up the good work.
0.6808 If the UAE is like most countries, the Minister of State for Foreign Affairs would not be informed of cyber intelligence activities of their own country.
0.6799 She's not so stupid, she knew full well the WMD thing was a crock.
0.6486 Please let me know if you have any other questions and I will be glad to answer.
0.6361 But what is extremely important in determining global warming is the perturbation caused by humans and how large is that additional CO2 relative to the natural amount.

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-0.9748 The Muslim terrorists were not worthy of being enemies, so finally we got an enemy that is worthy and Americans can feel righteous in their war against that evil.
-0.9052 Months later the NY Times ran a major mea culpa, but by then Iraq was a destroyed nation with tens of thousands dead.
-0.8689 She learned from Gore's mistake when he voted against the first gulf war and it bit him in the ass when ran in 2000.
-0.8402 The problem with boycotting Venezuelan oil is that it will bankrupt PDVSA, the national oil company.
-0.8176 What leader wants a civil war destroying his country, the end result being the regime could be toppled and the leader executed?
-0.8093 Almost all the terrorist attacks in the West are carried out by Sunni based groups, and in particular the Wahhabiists who are based in Saudi Arabia.
-0.802 Shiite terrorists only attack other countries in the ME.
-0.796 It prolonged the war and greatly damaged US / Turkey relations.
-0.7844 The Democrats have found common cause with the neocons and both won't be happy until there is a hot war with Russia.
-0.7717 But you should go with 'rape and torture children' as the good propagandist that you are.
-0.7579 They outsourced the actual bombing to France and relied on the rebels to do their part to kill Qaddafi after he was disarmed by NATO forces.
-0.7574 Since pilots have an aversion to being shot down they will try new tactics to avoid that, which includes flying at very high or very low altitudes.