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0.9687 but I'll find something :) In the meantime, thank you for creating this wonderful audio :)
0.9584 Well, you definitely know what sexy is, Quijana, so I will take that as the highest compliment, just as I will the fact that you saved it :) Thanks.
0.9545 I'm so glad that you finally posted it, and it seems that many others share my gratitude as well :) This audio was definitely worth the wait, and would have been worth any amount of wait.
0.9522 Wow, you took a deep dive into my pastebin, back when I was still capable of writing shorter scripts :) But I am so glad that you went back so far, because this audio is amazing.
0.9493 Either way, as much as I love the perfection shown in this audio, I also appreciate the coziness of imperfections as well, so I'll always have an eager ear for what anyone records.
0.9459 Thanks for the feedback on that part :) It's very encouraging to know that I did justice to that kink, and it will encourage me to include that and other fetishes in the future.
0.9371 Just the idea of making you giggle makes this script a success in my mind :) Thanks for reading it and taking the time to comment, Suzy :)
0.936 So please, by all means record it, but take your time with it :) And I'm so very glad you like my smutty scifi..
0.93 I consider myself truly blessed to be the recipient of two great performances from you, with this being even better than the first.
0.9284 Thank you for the compliments :) I'd be happy if just one was made into an audio, or if I got a few more comments like yours.
0.9279 It gives me a thrill to hear my name mentioned at the beginning of the audio, although it's just another bit of pleasure piled on top of the ecstasy from hearing a script of mine performed so well.

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-0.7906 And I feel bad for coming up with bad ones, because we do judge books by their covers, or scripts by their titles.
-0.7227 The discordant music took a while to get used to, but then to me it became symbolic of the chaos going on in the male characters mind, and their life.
-0.7184 But I think my tired eyes made me hit the wrong keys.
-0.6908 But I live in abject terror that so many incredible works of art could be lost permanently with it.
-0.6694 I am horrible at proofreading my own work, and often don't notice my mistakes until some poor actress has to deal with then while reading it.
-0.631 I'd urge you to hang around, but at the same time, if things are upsetting you here, I can understand the need to walk away from it.
-0.6249 I mourn the possible loss of SoundCloud.
-0.5994 Nothing over-produced or autotuned to death.
-0.5994 To wait another night would have been too much torture.
-0.5859 The exception that comes to my mind is Sarah Michelle Gellar in Cruel Intentions.
-0.5583 It wasn't easy to fall asleep after being teased by the first minute or the audio last night.
-0.5574 It built a certain tension between your character and the listener that continued to grow as your character became increasingly frustrated at the professors not being reasonable.