/u/hilltopchill is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.9251 Happy birthday! I love the fact that the community is so generous.
0.92 Every dog is the best dog <3 Thanks for sharing!
0.9002 I don't need one, but thanks for being so generous!
0.8805 Thanks for sharing, I love the way that you write!
0.8768 Great detailed guide, thanks so much for sharing.
0.8225 /r/wholesomecounterstrike Thanks for sharing <3
0.8122 I'd love the MX keycaps, thanks!
0.8122 Thanks so much for the giveaway, I'd love to have some stickers!
0.7934 Very generous giveaway, thanks op!
0.7906 Truly great advice.
0.7684 Looks a bit out of my price range, but still an awesome keyboard.

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.6879 You forgot the most important part Losing a war to emus
-0.6808 What the hell, CNN never sent me those.
-0.6759 I'm looking to build a 60%. The GH60 catches my eye but I've heard that it isn't the best.
-0.5499 My next build is going to be a GH60 with zealios, but the problem is that I can't decide on keycaps.
-0.4939 Stop ruining the karma economy
-0.4767 Shame it has already been sold
-0.4588 I'm in dire need of some.
-0.3843 That doesn't sound like fun :( Hope you're doing ok
-0.3182 Can you check with them if they got lost in the mail?
-0.296 No, it isn't.
0.0 Bought zealios from /u/jaesen
0.0 Bought zealios from /u/Ludovician42