/u/hilltopchill is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.884 /u/rhippo2 plays LOL, and that's pretty cool!
0.8832 I'd love the chance to win a Fugu!
0.836 I love 65G zealios because the tactile bump is in the perfect place.
0.8313 It's always an amazing feeling when the build that you've made powers on successfully!
0.8268 It's a really good keyboard, I'm sure you'll enjoy it when it eventually arrives.
0.8129 I've never had a negative experience dealing with anybody on there, and the people are so friendly! 5435
0.8122 I love supporting fellow community members!
0.807 227, thanks for the giveaway! They look awesome.
0.784 The pillars of creation are pretty cool!
0.7783 Threes would actually be perfect for my group of friends.
0.7717 They can get better deals than average consumers, which allow them to make profit.

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.7717 The sad thing is that they were probably fired for that
-0.7181 I really want it, but I'm not a fan of SA :(
-0.6705 How could it be their fault that you broke your screen?
-0.636 No problem!
-0.5351 The blank keys look incredibly clean, but personally I feel that the font used is ugly
-0.5255 Aww, that's a shame!
-0.4404 The poisened summer sale :( I'm still searching for my first artisan
-0.4019 Then do what somebody else suggested and find a team on Discord.
-0.296 There's no curing your autism
-0.1027 Definitely broken for me
-0.0387 Sorry, but I can't go anywhere near that price.
0.0 Hey, I can't see a PM from you.