/u/haveniryxia is very positive!

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0.9251 Thank you and I hope you fly safe as well :D
0.9184 If you ever need more inspiration I am writing a blog that I hope to help and inspire others.
0.9153 Your daughter is beautiful and I wish her luck and strength throughout the rest of her life.
0.9029 :D Wonderful portions of a Monte Cristo sandwich, amazingly seasoned scalloped potatoes, and yummy veggies.
0.8836 The Pokey Little Puppy :D One of my childhood favorites :D
0.8816 Thank you so much for all your wonderful suggestions :D
0.8666 I was like oh these items would be really good together, now how to do it :D
0.8641 I would gladly call in sick tomorrow, but I have to finals I have to take, but definitely going into Gamestop after my finals to pick up my pre-ordered copy :D
0.8552 Makes me more excited to play :D
0.8494 Thank you for the help :D
0.8455 Great work :D

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-0.8122 kill it with fire!
-0.6908 I would kill to get one for my bf for his 22nd birthday.
-0.6739 http://www.reddit.com/r/againstmensrights/ WTF?
-0.6381 I couldn't agree more, scales and the internet have ruined us all in regards to over analyzing what we put into our mouths.
-0.6344 Those look absolutely to die for.
-0.5719 Recipe consists of any standard Devils food cake, plain peanut butter frosting for the inner layer, and the same peanut butter frosting with chocolate added to it for the outer frosting.
-0.5719 I myself have lost 50lbs already, and just want to lose the last 50.
-0.5106 There is a huge housing market crash on ArcheAge and its frustrating to even find a place to put a simple farm.
-0.5106 You are also going to have to realize that the longer you are on your weight loss journey the slower the process will go as you progress, but that isn't a reason to get discouraged.
-0.4717 He's not a fan of my phone, he doesn't like when people use their phones or try to take picture of him with it, he just headbutts the phone when we pull it out.
-0.4215 And I am sorry if this topic as been exhausted before by other people.
-0.4019 That would be insane.