/u/harenae is kind of a dick.

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0.7096 The rotational tracking on GearVR is much better than Google Cardboard due to dedicated hardware in the headset.
0.6623 It seems like it just isn't illegal to move classified information to your personal possession unless there is intent to distribute to unauthorized people.
0.5927 True, but cigarettes are still responsible for thousands of deaths every year where cannabis is not.
0.5574 How is a rich business man not establishment?
0.5106 The PBS app has all those shows for free
0.4939 I think you are pretty spot on.
0.4754 Would directly funding that research outside the military be more efficient?
0.4215 We are talking about a substance that is safer to consume than Tylenol.
0.4201 I highly recommend probuilder for you, which you already seem to be using.
0.4019 Is Hilary in favor of changing its scheduling?
0.4019 I agree that bay state was better, but why not this over nothing?

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-0.9562 More people died last year due to just traffic accidents in Poland than have died due to terrorist attacks in all European countries combined.
-0.8316 The whole point of terrorism is disproportionate fear.
-0.8201 I would theorize that say for example, if Edward Snowden took the data he did but never distributed it there would be no crime right?
-0.7906 Gun crime is historically low.
-0.7845 You advocate the death penalty for theft?
-0.7783 Anyone other than a cop would be facing murder charges.
-0.7494 I get what you are saying and I wouldn't be surprised if your are right, but your title is still dishonest.
-0.7351 Insults are intended to offend no?
-0.7184 The police force in the US has tons of problems, but you can't tell me it's worse than the open lynching days of the civil rights movement.
-0.6908 One can kill you the other doesn't
-0.6883 Sadly schedule 1 makes this difficult.
-0.6808 Sorry but people are mad that you have admitted to only having second hand experience with cannabis and you have offered no statistical information to back up your argument.