/u/haircombsnightmare is kind of a dick.

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0.9371 I promise it will go away eventually and you will learn to love your new home. Hugs to you :) P.S.: the movie Inside Out might help, it's about something similar to what you'll be going through.
0.9216 I'm really glad to have helped you :) I wish you all the best with the moving process
0.7845 Nothing that can't be changed with some proper loving :)
0.711 It's normal and it's important that it's there, so honor it as long as you need to.
0.7003 Thanks for the post <3
0.5971 If she had handled the situation better you wouldn't feel like you feel. You deserve someone more mature.
0.4404 Un abrazote <3
0.4404 Initiate it at a moment when she's in a good mood, in a private setting where you have a lot of hours to speak.
0.3612 Hey I don't meant to diminish the rest of your post, I actually agree with it.
0.34 Porque la mujer siempre ha sido juzgada y valorada por su belleza ante todo.
0.34 Porque a la mujer se la ha juzgado y otorgado valor durante la historia por su belleza.

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-0.8689 All cases of rape and sexual assault should be treated as a serious matter and with respect, no matter what gender the victim is.
-0.7783 Me gustan algunos de los elementos que usa, pero cuando exagera con lo sobrenatural se me va el miedo. Y si tens otros autores de terror pasalos que me encanta leer de terror.
-0.765 You are allowed to say no to things that make you uncomfortable even if she throws a tantrum about it.
-0.7579 I'd say it's a lot of prejudice mixed with a bit of fear.
-0.6917 The problem is some people have forgotten health shouldn't be a privilege, it should be available for everyone who needs it.
-0.6407 There could be many reasons why; perhaps he's not ready, or doesn't want to, or is scared to.
-0.5927 Don't stay inside home all day. And last but not least, give some space to the sadness.
-0.5859 I have moved many times and I think that "taking years" thing is bullshit.
-0.5719 Despising so many people you have never met before.
-0.5574 John Wick se queda muy atrs, es puro disparo y me molesta que l sea inmortal y pueda matar a 80 tipos sin que le toquen un pelo.
-0.5574 - John Wick. Amo a Keanu, pero la pelcula me pareci una remierda sin argumento y con puro disparo y situaciones absurdas/ilgicas.
-0.5574 Sin ninguna razn el tipo empez a pegarles latigazos a los perros, as que me asom con toda la bronca y le grit "DEJALOS EN PAZ CERDOOOOO".