/u/guitardan21 is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.8739 So sexy, thanks for sharing!
0.8481 My cock would fit perfectly between those gorgeous tits
0.8442 I'd love to give you a nice load as well.
0.8268 That was really sexy and you are gorgeous.
0.7836 Yeah, that'd be fucking great!
0.7579 I would love to blow a huge load all over them.
0.743 I love the tattoo as well.
0.7398 Oh my god that would feel so amazing on my hard cock!
0.7351 That's a nice load over a sexy body
0.6908 Thanks for sharing
0.6908 Thanks for sharing.

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.5859 I have a sudden urge to suck on your tits.
-0.5719 The thought of it is making my dick rock hard
-0.5574 Damn your tits are incredible
-0.2263 Your tits make me so horny
-0.2263 Her tits are incredible.
-0.2183 you are making me so hard
-0.2023 No kidding.
-0.1531 God damn that made me horny
0.0 Got any more of her?
0.0 Fucking hot!
0.0 Incredible.
0.0 Incredible