/u/goldsgymrat is very positive!

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0.9032 Great, but if you cant, I would defiantly be happy to help.
0.8885 Obviously the rest of your body is too, but I would love to give you a nice long thigh massage.
0.8874 The stark contrast between the red choker and the black heels is dynamic, especially with that sexy beautiful body separating them!
0.8832 After posing like that I hope you have someone that will provide you a good licking, or anything else that you desire!
0.865 Outstanding and amazing!!!
0.8582 I love how your legs and lips involuntarily quiver from your pleasure...so hot and sexy!!!
0.8555 I love the slight reveal in the batman top to show those sexy nips.
0.8553 Thank you for sharing that amazing body!
0.836 Well with such an inspiring pupil, I hope I can learn or try a thing or four from you as well .
0.8316 However, a perfect way would be for you to try and watch and me to "listen" while I go down on you during the episode....DVR's are great that way
0.8304 By having the most amazing, sexy, and tantalizing woman possibly choose your suggestion.

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-0.7429 Unlike the poor souls who followed Luke into the Death Star trench, You wont be telling me, "pull out, youre not doing any good back there" Just like Luke, Ill be happy to use some force!
-0.6642 It would be such a shame to leave such a delicate nipple exposed to the elements without a little help.
-0.6597 I believe if you can talk to me then you are already being bad and have stopped sucking and licking this lollipop.
-0.6458 Hell yeah!!!
-0.5267 Ive not had sex in the gym but I've fooled around in the steam room.
-0.4574 Damn that's so hot!
-0.3987 I know you will rock it no matter what!!
-0.3412 But I'm not good.
-0.34 Did y'all have a whiplash warning on the beach for all the heads that snapped around to stare?
-0.3182 I want your husband to video us as I slam into you.
-0.296 I think I am having heart palpitations, elevated blood pressure and a stiffening sensation....whats your Rx
-0.2755 How could he not with that smile and those breasts?